ReactOS .3.0

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ReactOS .3.0

Post by Whisper »

Hey guys, any news regarding when v.3.0 will be out?

I need my fix... :(

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Post by cmoibenlepro »

Be patient, it will surely be in the next months...

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Post by GreatLord »

We do not know when next relese shall be out.
all blockes and the roadmap 0.3.0 must be fullfill frist. we are working on that roadmap and alot of other stuff as well. Stay tune. I think people will be supress over 0.3.0 when it comes. It is a havey release alot of stuff is under devloper and start comform. in fact some off the stuff was not mentor for 0.3.0 but it was for later release, but it seam it will be include in 0.3.0.

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Post by Cristan »

See also this topic.

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Post by dark »

Here's a link to a good mailing list item about this: ... 08100.html

(Also i filled bug #1170 some time ago, it would be very poor to come out with that bug still in place.)

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