Two decades later...what's the point?

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Re: Two decades later...what's the point?

Post by Tyco72 »

I don't think the reason is this. Countries like Russia, China and others similar don't care at all what the occidental corporations wish. They do what they want.

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Re: Two decades later...what's the point?

Post by easeltine »

The fact is that I have Windows XP in the VirtualBox on several Computers. I installed it on one just one week ago. One can still Activate XP. If one goes to ERPMAN's websites, one can get the updates. If one updates XP to SP3, the updated installer, updating to IE8, one will get the Automatic Updates to work. Since Businesses actual still use XP there are 129 Security Updates one gets, and then a few others after that. With Windows XP SP3 on the VirtualBox I am using Office 2007, have a Free Antivirus called Panda Dome for protection, and can use all my older Windows Programs, and I do have many. Out of all my older Windows programs from CD's and DVD's the only one I can get to work in ReactOS is Kasparov Chess dated 2003.

That isn't to say that there is not a point to ReactOS within the VirtualBox. Other than Microsoft Windows, Linux Versions, and Mac OS/X, ReactOS is the best minor, and FREE O/S. It is better than TempleOS or Haiku, ReactOS is the best "other" O/S that there is! The O/S is FREE! I am using great programs, OpenOffice 4.1, AbiWord 2.9, Opera 12.18, K-Meleon 75.1, and my Kasparov Chess program on it. I am careful not to over reach the ability of ReactOS, and some programs I am purposely not using.
TempleOS has NO additional programs, one must have a 64 Bit Computer to install it, one cannot even go on the Internet, 'cuz nobody except Terry Davis knows "Holy C." Haiku has a ways to go before it is close to being as good as ReactOS. The programs within the Applications Manager are useful.

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Re: Two decades later...what's the point?

Post by dizt3mp3r »

ReactOS just as the old British Rail advert says "we're getting there"
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Re: Two decades later...what's the point?

Post by PurpleGurl »

There are many reasons for ROS now. They include:
  • Freedom from Windows "bloat" that slows down the machine and adds security problems.
  • Wanting something that gives you freedom and doesn't bind you to the wishes of a corporation.
  • Compatibility with older hardware, even recently "older" hardware that MS and Intel no longer support.
  • The ability to repurpose it for custom uses. For instance, a gamer might want maximum speed and minimal network support.
  • No hassles if you are a perpetual upgrader. The Windows model starting with XP made it harder to keep the same machine forever.
  • No need for an Appstore. Just find what you want from 3rd party vendors of your choice and install as usual.
  • Annoying things and excessive eye candy are removed. No need to patch ROS to keep annoyances from returning.
  • The ability to customize as desired without limits.

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Re: Two decades later...what's the point?

Post by Aeneas »

Face it: it _IS_ pointless.

That is, compared to Linux' importance and perhaps even all the scale down to NetBSD.

Then again, what is the point of skydiving, racing, soccer or tennis? Men and women mistreating balls is half our sports world, UTTERLY pointless!

It is an OS. And in reality, the "most mainstream non-Unix-like". If you want to learn "Unix-like", you have a million choices, but if you want to learn "non-Unix-like", your choices are limited.

At this point in time, it is not unlike FreeDOS, except not mature.

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Re: Two decades later...what's the point?

Post by Aeneas »

And to those of you who talk of retro-computing, sorry pals, people are using 98 or XP.

Because the "freedom" of an open-source OS matters only in so far as you have open-source apps. And if your apps are closed source (like MS Office or games), then the "openness" of the OS no longer matters. (And from a legal point of view, an "OS" is just an app, or a collection of apps, and is treated in no way differently than the programs on it).

So don't talk of that "marvellous retro scene",I know them and they don't give a damn.

What might, however, become interesting is a modern Windows-like OS for low-end devices. Intel will not want to give up x86 any time soon, Itanium burnt them enough. As opposed to Linux apps, ReactOS-apps will run on Windows by default. Similar use cases are explored e.g. by KaiOS, there for mobile phones "below" smartphones.

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Re: Two decades later...what's the point?

Post by asd1! »

@anyone: I know you want to give freedom to anyone, but this kind of thread is a honeyspot for trolls. We must keep focused on developing, testing, fixing bugs and making ReactOS grow, and not loose time on this kind of discussion. Who started this thread, did it with the clear the intention of discourage the developing of ReactOS. But we must keep strong, no matter of what. And we must keep in mind that "the more success ReactOS have, the more will come here people with dubious intentions". We live in a world that "if something is not spy-able, then it must not exists", and I'm sure those who put spyware/backdoors on Win10 will not be happy of having a free Windows compatible alternative who doesn't track users. I'm sick of all this non-sense battle against freedom in nowadays world (both at software and hardware level).

For me the answer is simple: if people can have several Linux alternatives, why we can not have an compatible alternative for Windows?. Keep focus on what's important, not on this (at least this is my own opinion, and I don't expect people agree with me).

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Re: Two decades later...what's the point?

Post by shunesburg »

Two decades later...what's the point?
The fact is, ReactOS was and is a great contributor of WINE, and maybe without it, WINE should be not so good.
It's true there is a long way to be in Release Candidate, but there is close in comparison of the previous years.
The project just need more focus and money, that's all.

I see the author of the topic, just put "one" only post and never answer, maybe it will be good to close this topic?

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