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System requirements

Post by PeterLinuxer »

What are the system requirements of ReactOS? Especially I want to know how large the ReactOS HD partition should be?

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Re: System requirements

Post by MadWolf »

HD partition size minimum about 1gb for the os but that won't leave much room for other programs maximum size how long is a piece of string
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Re: System requirements

Post by TMStreicher »

Hello Peter.

even with some applications and RosBE installed my virtual disk is below 2 GB in size. So anything reasonable should be sufficient as long as you don´t want to store huge amounts of data. If you are new then I would recommend the installation of ROS at a virtual-machine like VirtualBox however. I had some minor problems with corrupt file-systems recently, this potentially puts your other partition at risk too. With a virtual installation you can try ReactOS in a safe environment, clone the system as often as you want, and the virtual-disk-file can grow dynamically if needed.
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Re: System requirements

Post by binarymaster »

PeterLinuxer wrote: Wed Apr 01, 2020 12:38 am I want to know how large the ReactOS HD partition should be?
As a minimum... around 512 MB. But keep in mind that the system partition should be bigger than amount of RAM.
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