Installed ReactOS but...

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Installed ReactOS but...

Post by huent99 »

... I don't see any applications or whats so ever. Why is that?

This is what i did:
Downloaded the bootcd
installed it under Linux Mint Mate in a Virtual Box environment

That's it!

How can i install the basic software?

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Re: Installed ReactOS but...

Post by hbelusca »

On the desktop there is a shortcut to an applications manager. It needs internet to be able to download things. Programs that are normally known to work on ReactOS (they definitively work on Windows 2003 too) are listed there by thematics.

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Re: Installed ReactOS but...

Post by dizt3mp3r »

huent99 wrote:
Sat Feb 01, 2020 4:47 am
... I don't see any applications or whats so ever. Why is that?
Note that Reactos is an operating system and by default an o/s doesn't necessarily come with any software pre-installed even though that may be a trend with current oses, it isn't a trend that ReactOS will follow so no candy crush here. There is no 'app store' like Apple and Microsoft so you are expected to select and install software yourself doing it manually just as you would do and have always done on Windows.

The few basic apps that ReactOS will have in the future may be as simple as notepad, perhaps even a media player but not all these have been coded yet.
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