observation: middleware use, and msvcr100.dll

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observation: middleware use, and msvcr100.dll

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I followed React many years ago, but got sidetracked with other projects.

Today I started looking at it for hosting Win32 compatible database application servers.

It is common to write Win32/Win64 applications which do middleware between web clients and real database servers (like MySQL), an alternative to using JavaVMs which have all the downfalls of Java.

I have written a large number of such servers, and published a few books on the subject. I was trying to port my code to Linux to avoid MS licensing hell but that would interfere with so many 3rd party libraries, I kind of need Windows compatibility, then got the idea to try it with ReactOS. I was delighted to see that much code worked out of the box. Y'all have done a great job, excellent progress.

But the problem I ran into, and I see others have too, is DLLs compiled with MSVC are often dependant on MSVCR100 runtime dll. WHile I am using Delphi myself and wouldn't normally have the problem, many 3rd party open source utilities i need to load do have the MSVCR100.DLL dependancy, and I don't think there is any way to install it. A quick web search showed nobody having success.

Likely you would need to emulate or produce your own MSVCR100 dll. I don't know how hard that is, I don't have MS Visual Studio, so I don't know much more about it. I'm an old time programmer and would be willing to help, but would like to know if anyone has started on it.

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Re: observation: middleware use, and msvcr100.dll

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1. Run RAPPS (ReactOS Applications Manager)
2. Enter msvcr100 in the search box
3. Download the dependencies using it

Everything is simple, no need to create another one.
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Re: observation: middleware use, and msvcr100.dll

Post by ThFabba »

And please do not even consider using ReactOS on a production server in its current state of development.
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