Active window with the skins

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Active window with the skins

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I have tested the current ROS 0.4.12 with the classic look, the Lautus Skin, the Lunar Skin, the Mizu Skin and the Modern Skin.

Sadly only with the classic look, the titlebar of the active window have a significant different color, then the inactive windows.

And especially with Mizu and Modern the window frame is completely white and there is no difference between active and inactive windows.
Only the font color aof the window description changed. But all other of the window don't change.


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Re: Active window with the skins

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Co-creator of Lunar theme here. I would love to get feedback on what color palette would fit best for inactive window in your opinion. My initial approach was making the color lighter, but any lighter than what it is right now would blend in with the default background color. I will come up with a few designs and post them here later (I can't right now as I don't have readily accessible device to do it on).

As for Mizu/Modern, I believe they try to replicate design of Windows 10 titlebars which also face a similar problem you've described.
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