[BREAKING] CERN’s Microsoft Alternative project

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Re: [BREAKING] CERN’s Microsoft Alternative project


A developer would have to contact CERN project and I am sure that they are probably well aware of ReactOS. I mean, we are posted everywhere these days: linux news, distrowatch, osnews, softpedia, cnet, various wiki pages, phoronix and most recently HelloTux. There is even Facebook, twitter, and reddit pages about us. I am sure if they wanted to help us, they would have done it by now.

Now, with that being said, I suggest a platform more for early development. I would go with GitHub sponsors or Patreon. Probably Patreon because sponsors is still pretty new and people are still trying to adjust to it. This way, we can get funds and give people rewards for donating.

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Re: [BREAKING] CERN’s Microsoft Alternative project

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that depends on the software they are using is the software cross-platform and does the software have a windows build and what is the time scale for the migration

edit are they going for a top-down migration
replacing the application software (word excel others) then the operating system

or a Bottom-Up migration
replacing the system software (the operating system) and the application software (word excel others)

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