ReactOS ACPI driver for windows?

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ReactOS ACPI driver for windows?

Post by infuscomus »

can the ReactOS ACPI driver be used for other versions of windows?

as in use the ReactOS ACPI driver to resolve BSOD A5 error for windows 7 or XP?

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Re: ReactOS ACPI driver for windows?

Post by EmuandCo »

We never tried, but maybe it works on XP/2003, but for sure NOT on Win7. Feel free to try it on a XP VM replacing acpi.sys with ours, but I am 99% sure that it will not recover from that. Neither I can tell you if our ACPI helps you in any way to fix a hibernation addressing BSOD. If your device does strange stuff in ACPI then no acpi driver will fix it for you. A BIOS update could.

EDIT: XP does not boot with our acpi.sys as expected
ReactOS is still in alpha stage, meaning it is not feature-complete and is recommended only for evaluation and testing purposes.

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