Anonymous contributions apply in ReactOS project?

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Re: Anonymous contributions apply in ReactOS project?

Post by Quim »

Well it seems that for example "modern theme" was made by someone just called "p01ar" and his theme is included in ReactOS now, without the need to know who really "p01ar" is...
So I guess some contributions made by people named using alias are accepted somehow. ... er/LICENSE

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Re: Anonymous contributions apply in ReactOS project?

Post by EmuandCo »

And where is your problem? A self-made theme is no risk for ANYTHING or ANYONE. Patching around in the real code and in the end committing leaked MS code is what we don't need and need protection against. First think, then post!
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Re: Anonymous contributions apply in ReactOS project?

Post by justincase »

Besides, even if you can dig through old commits enough to find one that includes 'real code' (as EmuandCo said) and comes from a pseudonym, the stance published in the Subversion Wiki page is
Request commit (write) access


There are a few mandatory prerequisites to getting a direct, full write access (aka "commit access") to the main repository:
  • Ability to communicate in written English.
  • Be ready to disclose a full real name to at least the project's official (e.g. development lead or project lead), and preferably disclose full real name for public access.
  • Have no legal restrictions related to contributing code to open source projects. Employees of Microsoft and subsidiaries are not allowed to work in the project.
(Bold/Italics added to emphasize the point we're talking about here.)

So, there could be people who are publicly only known by some pseudonym, but the ReactOS project has their real name on file somewhere, so that if there's ever a question about the legality of their code, the real person behind it can be produced to prove that they really created the code independently, and didn't copy from disassembled Microsoft binaries or Microsoft's leaked sources.

Now, onto a more important question: Can (potential) ReactOS developers (who want to do contribute 'real code', as EmuandCo called it) still take this route? Staying publicly anonymous (through use of a pseudonym) but have their name on file with the ReactOS project (or foundation) so that ReactOS can avoid the potential legality issues with truly anonymous contributions?
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Re: Anonymous contributions apply in ReactOS project?

Post by ThFabba »

I don't have an answer to that but I'd guess your contributions would have to be pretty impressive for us to go to the trouble.

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