Accessibility for blind users

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Accessibility for blind users

Post by Gushasad »

I am a blind enthusiast of the React OS project. However, I cannot use the system due to lack of UI Automation and MSAAPI. These libraries are used to provide an access bridge between the operating system and me, as an end user. This allows for installing screen reading software which allows me to use the system
Is there a way to implement these libraries?

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Re: Accessibility for blind users

Post by hbelusca »

Unless the Wine project has some kind of code related to these apis, I fear that you will have to wait for someone to implement these.
Because at the moment, the priority of the ReactOS developers is to make the operating system stable. All the UI polishing will be certainly done, but later.

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Re: Accessibility for blind users

Post by learn_more »

Hello Gushasad!

Sadly, this is a component that is often overlooked,
and as far as I know, not very well known.

There is a download from Microsoft that offers the 'Windows Automation API' for server 2003, but I'd assume this is layered on top of an older technology.

I have created a ticket in our development bugtracker, in the hope that one developer sparks an interest in this.



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Re: Accessibility for blind users

Post by karlexceed »

The Windows Automation API download for XP and 2003 can be found here: ... mation-api

EDIT: Nevermind, the download has been removed.

However, I did find this interesting bit of software that could perhaps be considered for inclusion into RAPPS at some point:
Looks like the last version to support XP was 2017.3, but someone would need to build it: ... ase-2017.3

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Re: Accessibility for blind users

Post by SoupBowl »

Would Microsoft narrator be of use.
Haven't got sound configured on my React OS install so i cant get the program to launch, someone else try it!
I haven't tested SAPI 4(No sound on my ROS) but i ran the Windows 2000 version of narrator and i only got this error message about not having a sound card.
so we have established it will at least try to load on react OS
[ external image ]
The files are probably bundled in the installation files of Service pack 4(an update available for free download) or something as they like to replace all the files for good measure.

could slip you guys the files if you cant get them but that would be a good program to try

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