Website Maintenance on Wednesday, July 4

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Website Maintenance on Wednesday, July 4

Post by oldman »

This has been posted to the ros-dev mailing list by Colin Finck.
The ReactOS Website along with the Forum, Wiki, and JIRA bug tracker
will be down for maintenance for several hours during the day (European
time) on Wednesday, July 4.

In the course of this process, the user database will be migrated to the
new RosLogin Single-Sign-On system
( ... g/roslogin)
and the Forum and Wiki software will be upgraded to their latest releases.
This is expected to put an end to our login weirdnesses (dead Login
buttons, 30 minute propagation delay to JIRA), solve the CAPTCHA
problems people were reporting, and increase the maintainability of the
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Re: Website Maintenance on Wednesday, July 4

Post by dizt3mp3r »

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Re: Website Maintenance on Wednesday, July 4

Post by Zombiedeth »

that will be great if the JIRA login issues are finally resolved :)

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Re: Website Maintenance on Wednesday, July 4

Post by Fraizeraust »

Finally newcomers don't have to wait for their credentials data being synced with JIRA. Good job Colin!

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Re: Website Maintenance on Wednesday, July 4


Well, I will be with my family the whole day on the 4th (holiday in USA), so I won't even notice it will be down.

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Re: Website Maintenance on Wednesday, July 4

Post by SystemCPMB »

Okay, I don't know if this is related but...

I recently got some emails about ... well ... "[jira] (CORE-12533) Explorer Shortcut Keys Not Working" posted some 18 months ago.

I tried logging into JIRA ( and my login credentials don't work. There's no way to contact an administrator because the link takes me to an error page (when the link actually shows up). Most of the time, the "contact your jira administrators" text doesn't show up as a link at all.

So who do I contact and how do I contact them because there doesn't seem to be a way to do any of that.


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