Live installer?

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Live installer?

Post by matthew65536 »

Something i noticed when i boot up with the Live CD is that there is an option too "install ReactOS". Is there a possibility of Live installer becoming a real thing? I honestly think it would be great because i am sure a good portion of people would prefer using a graphical installer, and also if you dual boot (if you are crazy enough to use it on real hardware), then be able to use it with more than one OS.

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Re: Live installer?

Post by erkinalp »

It is work in progress.
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Re: Live installer?

Post by Fraizeraust »

matthew65536 wrote:i am sure a good portion of people would prefer using a graphical installer
Boot CD alternative comes with two stages of setup installation. Text-mode setup and GUI setup. The text-mode setup (which is the 1st stage of the setup installation of ReactOS when you begin with the Installation Wizard) is similar to the very ones from Windows text-mode setups like from XP, 2000, etc and copies the base files of the system so it can proceed with the next stage setup. This is the recommended option to install ReactOS.

With Live CD you can only boot ReactOS straight from the disc at this moment as the "Install ReactOS" option you've mentioned doesn't work yet and development is still going on. You can take the Boot CD option though as I have explained above.

Regarding dual booting, is it possible to do that? Yes, it is, however it'll be a hit & miss. ReactOS is in Alpha therefore the OS may not work properly and it can corrupt sensitive data from your HDD. It's viable to install onto an empty hard disc to avoid any kind of data loss.

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Re: Live installer?

Post by Rosh »

Description here:

So installation from LiveCD is a demand feature.
Here a similar request.

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