[CALL FOR ACTION] ReactOS Trading Plan

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[CALL FOR ACTION] ReactOS Trading Plan

Post by AmineKhaldi »

Happy new year everyone!

As several months has passed, I believe it's time to present the effort :)

I'm sure the ReactOS community is well aware that ReactOS needs donations especially to hire developers in order to accelerate progress, among other costs. The problem is, for a skilled developer to consider a position, it means we must ensure a degree of stability w.r.t. hiring funds, because it's not fair to ask from someone to work on ReactOS now and then later on apologize because we are no longer able to continue hiring them.

The idea of the ReactOS Trading Plan is to secure a continuous donations flow to the ReactOS foundation, by helping the ReactOS team and community to generate these donations instead of just relying on what can be spared as such.

We achieve that through low risk long term financial trading, by setting up trading accounts that (despite being low risk) would yield more than the current rates offered by banks worldwide, and then using profits to create a stream of donations. The keyword here is low risk naturally.

The concept of separate accounts was considered mainly to provide flexibility, independence and control to everyone who is part of this, so they can freely deposit what they want to invest, and freely decide how much exactly to donate to ReactOS out of their own, personal profits, without affecting anyone else nor the plan itself.

This concept of separate accounts also allows people to perform their own trading (if they want to) while still copying the plan's trades, on the same account, with complete control of the allocated funds on each part in realtime, so they can change the allocations whenever they want.

The platform that made this possible is eToro with its copy trading technology that allowed my trading to reflect on the accounts, meaning no trading skills and experience are required from the rest of us. Here is the centralized referral link we are all using to signup.

Using PayPal for this, or any of the other respected/well regulated e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and Webmoney, would be recommended as they wrap around any bank accounts or cards combinations through just an email for example. With that said, if anyone would like the deposit and withdrawal transactions to show in their bank accounts for some reason, then wire transfers, credit cards, Giropay...etc are also supported by the platform. Once one creates an account using the referral link above, we can assist with setting it up to copy the plan's main account.

With that said, I don't mind if one decides to allocate funds into one of the existing accounts instead of creating one, as that would still mean funds are being invested with ReactOS donations as a goal, regardless of whose accounts they belong to. I for one am ready to help in this regard and I'm sure others can too.

Here are some stats and numbers we achieved so far till end of December:

* Outcome for the past months so far for the main account: 8.82% with a very low risk score of 2/10 for December.

* Example outcomes of some of our team and community members who are copying the main account and for how long they have been doing so:

- ~5 months: 8.93%
- ~2.5 months: 8.00%
- ~2.5 months: 7.71%
- ~2 months: 7.11%
- ~1 month: 3.48%
- ~1 month: 2.96%

I'm sure you have questions so I will do my best to address them all.

Let us, the ReactOS community, unite and do this! :)

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Re: ReactOS Trading Plan

Post by dizt3mp3r »

Skillset: VMS sysadmin 20 years, fault Tolerance, cluster, Vax, Alpha, ftSparc. DCL, QB45, VB6, NET, PHP, JS, CMS, Graphics, Project Manager, DOS, Windows admin from 1985. Quad Electronics. Classic cars & motorbikes. Artist watercolours. Historian.

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Re: ReactOS Trading Plan

Post by karlexceed »

FYI to everyone interested - eToro is not available in the US at this time.

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Re: ReactOS Trading Plan

Post by r3mendozal »

Hi, I'm one of the first investors in this ReactOS project when it still was in pilot stage, opened only to certain team members.

I've seen this project as a way to invest in ReactOS, in the way Bill Gates or Steve jobs invested in their emerging projects technologies back in the 80's, which became Microsoft and Apple... But unlike these times, Internet has made it easier for starters and people which doesn't have a billion of dollars to invest in traditional markets and Bank forums.

My eToro account link is here.

As you can see, I just have been investing in this project for 2 months, and I already have earned 3.65% of profits for ReactOS. It may not look as much as what you get trading risky, but as you can see in my graphs, is a very stable and steady income, which will become more as time passes.

In my side has been until a successful program. If you guys want to know more about my personal experience with the program, or eToro, you can ask me here, or in our IRC channel :-).
karlexceed wrote:FYI to everyone interested - eToro is not available in the US at this time.
For people where eToro isn't available, or who prefers make a smaller donation, can ask AmineKhaldi to add funds to one of the accounts already opened by the ReactOS Team Members in eToro. Generally, when you want to start your investion in eToro, you need a $500 USD first time deposit. If you decide to call AmineKhaldi to allocate your resources in an existing ReactOS Member account, the amount can be less. Actually is $50 USDs if allocated via PayPal. You can always call AmineKhaldi here and in our IRC channel for more information if you decide this route.

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Re: [CALL FOR ACTION] ReactOS Trading Plan


Sorry, I don't really know how any of this works, but if I understand correctly, as of the time I am posting this, you have generated a total of $10,377 (or euros?)?

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Re: [CALL FOR ACTION] ReactOS Trading Plan

Post by learn_more »

ROCKNROLLKID wrote:Sorry, I don't really know how any of this works, but if I understand correctly, as of the time I am posting this, you have generated a total of $10,377 (or euros?)?

One of the happy early adopters here :)
This graph shows what would happen on a 10.000 investment.

The idea behind this trading plan is that people who have no clue about this kind of stuff (like me) can invest money without having to learn the ins and outs of the trading world.

ps: My eToro account


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Funding idea for ReactOS

Post by Rayj00 »

The ReactOS project is a perfect candidate to use a cyber currency blockchain process to generate revenue for the project!

You should look into it.

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Re: [CALL FOR ACTION] ReactOS Trading Plan

Post by justincase »

@Rayj00: This thread is about the ReactOS Trading plan. If you want to talk about cryptocurrency as a potential revenue stream for the project, I suggest you start a thread for it and leave this one on topic.
I reserve the right to ignore any portion of any post if I deem it not constructive or likely to cause the discussion to degenerate.

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Re: [CALL FOR ACTION] ReactOS Trading Plan


Would be kind of nice if you kept us updated on this. As I see now, you are are up to 16.02%, right? When can we see currency coming from this for ReactOS?

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Re: [CALL FOR ACTION] ReactOS Trading Plan

Post by andreas84 »

I looked everything up for curiosity: Etoro has an OVERWHELMING rating on trustpilot with 1 star.
Certainly a site to be careful about and from what i did read and in my estimation its unlikely to see currency coming from it...

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