Filesystems support in FreeLdr

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Filesystems support in FreeLdr

Post by reactosuser7 »

How much dificult is to implement mainly ext2, ext3, ext4 and NTFS as installable filesystem to install ReactOS on it?

What technical details involved?

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Re: Filesystems support in FreeLdr

Post by Konata »

A lot.
It's not going to be something you do in a weekend.

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Re: Filesystems support in FreeLdr

Post by middings »

This search of the ReactOS forums finds references to the ext2 filesystem.

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Re: Filesystems support in FreeLdr

Post by dark »

This is a filesystem specification, ReactOS uses an EXT2/3 driver made by another project, so this is pointless and does not help. The problem is somewhere in the underlying file system support. I just monitor for updates.

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Re: Filesystems support in FreeLdr

Post by val »

And also, the OP does confuse an Installable File System "to install ReactOS on it" case with the loader FS support to boot the OS from case. It's different things. For the first, a full implementation of the FS, with all integration into the system, fully featured driver is needed. For the second, as the thread name asks, the loader needs only a basic support, a "subset" of all possible operations on a FS. It's easier, but not necessarily easy, depends on the FS. But for sure, it would be useless, since again after the kernel starts. it keeps loading modules, from the same medium. If there is no full OS support (case 1) for this FS, there is little point in having loader support. It only accompanies the first.

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