Mum tries out....

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Mum tries out....

Post by Blackcrack »


i have see the Video from "Mom tries out..."
and have become with, the wrong saving space of documents it is up to now not setting up and not fixed.
take a look and look the version of Ros in the movi :
edit: this video let show to be Wortpad saving the documents into system32 folder,
because it's exist no variables for saving the document in the right folder,
from this time were is recoding up to now.. and by side it is this video a transporting
the knowing about Reactos and it a relative good advertising
to look at self Reactos with an bit slapstick factor .

maybe can we setting up variables for saving
and integrating it in the Programs too ?

Documents, Pictures, Downloads and so on
as variables and folders for first saving
(because if an user want choose an other folder and so on ...)

best regards
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Re: Mum tries out....

Post by Adcock »

What's the big deal?
Can someone explain to me what is in that video?
I can not watch it. Because of some problems in my device.
Please please please....
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Re: Mum tries out....

Post by dizt3mp3r »

It is a very old video about ReactOS tried out by two people who really ought not to be trying out ReactOS. More a comedy than anything useful.
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Re: Mum tries out....

Post by Michael Long »

Sure, I can contribute something to the summary of the video. I usually got problems with youtube, too, so I usually use to download the video and then watch it from hard disc (where the playback is also much faster compared to the in-browser-playback).

The video is from April 2013 and shows a roll play starring 2 characters. The one character (alias "mom") is played by Diana Adams who plays a non experienced consumer type of user. The woman has actually tested dozens of operating systems but still plays here roll. The other character (alias the "son") is a computer enthusiast who provides the meta information. That is the additional information but what you can obviously see by just watching (like that it's an open source project, that it's written from scratch, etc).

The video begins with the booting process of ReactOS 0.3.14. The installation is not being shown. The booting process runs without major problems (if I remember correctly they complain a little about the low speed of the booting process). After that the roll play is pretty much stuck in the GUI. The son gives some simple tasks for mom like opening the calculator. While doing so the son provides meta information which is mostly limited to the information which can be gathered without too much efforts from the project website Mom expresses her impression of the operating system but sticks to here roll. This means she points out that the GUI looks pretty windows a-like but she contributes no points of really high value.

I haven't watched the video to the end because it bored me a little. My overall impression was, that this video doesn't provide too much help for developers. But it surely contributes a little to the popularity of ReactOS. There wasn't much critic or bad words about the operating system and no major faults from the software (at least not in the part I watched). In my opinion it addresses consumers with limited but some interest in the technical aspects in an inspiring and motivating way. But it surely isn't made for gurus. Regarding addressing consumers they pretty much covered the major "selling"-points for consumers: Windows compatibility, free of direct costs, open source, familiar user interface ...

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