Installing REACTOS

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Installing REACTOS

Post by nkamp »


I have tried to install REACTOS 0.028 on a PII, 266Mhz, 98Mb memory, 3 GB harddisk. Not a new one but I just want to see what REACTOS is. First I could not copy the file to the disk directory (\REACTOS). Suddenly it happens. Now I can boot but nothing is configured it seems. for example the network I can go to the settings, but if open I open the network configurations I see more or less the same screen as in the original windows but everything is outgrayed!

Does anybody know what is wrong? Is this what it is 14%. If I look to the screenshots it seems much better.

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Post by EmuandCo »

Aah, new to Scene. OK I'll explain you.

These 14% are the Progress of Source Code audit. This audit is in progress, because of some problems with reverse engineered Code from MS Files. US American Law does not like reverse engineering. Especially if one Person does reverse engineering and coding with the information he got. If somebody writes a documentation and somebody else uses this documentation, everything is alright. So they search those reverse engineered parts in Source and change it to be more legal in USA.

Now to your problem with the Networking. As you may know ReactOS is in Alpha Stadium. So some parts are still in Development, Including the Network Configuration. It will run, but you can't config though Control Panel. But DHCP Works and IPConfig in CMD, too.

P.S. Use 0.2.9 to be more UpToDate.

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0.2.8 is pretty old but works...

Post by Jaix »

Hello, the version 0.2.8 is pretty old, but networking is kind of working for some hardware. But the esiest way to get network working is to use VMWare or QEMU and follow the stepps in this HOWTO ... connection
By the way, welcome to this forum and please be patient during the "audit" we hope to be able to release the 0.3.0 version when it is done, and believe me, it will be worth waiting for.

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