download - burn to cd - install for newbie

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download - burn to cd - install for newbie

Post by johnthomson »

Can someone please explain in very plain non technical English

How to download the vers 2.5


burn it on a CD using Nero 6 - with no ISO tech talk please


simply stick the CD in and then install the operating system

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Post by solemnwarning »

Download The ISO File,Start Nero Express, Click Image Or Saved Project, Selcet The ISO U Downloaded, Burn, Boot The CD, Follow On Screen Instructions

Use Search B4 U Ask A Question And Look Round Site As Well :evil:
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Post by johnthomson »

Thanks for your answer,

I have been looking, with interest at this site for some months and did previously download and burn the image with Nero 6.
Then I tried to install it on a computer with 2 hard drives ie,
XP Pro as Master and the second drive as slave (which had Linux on it previously)

I recently saw a comment where someone could not get it to boot with their H/D set as slave also.

Anyway thanks again and if you feel a need to be rude and insulting then just ignore a basic request for help.
Some of us are genuinly interested in the development of a non MS operating system and also behaving in a mature adult manner, sharing knowledge without insults.
Lucio Diaz
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Post by Lucio Diaz »

Installing the ISO Bootable CD Disk in WINDOWS XP/2000/NT.

The instalation will copy the ReactOS files to the directory you will select, copy the files freeldr.sys , freeldr.ini and bootsect.ros to C:\ (or the active directory of your root partition) and add a the following lines to your boot.ini:

[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" /fastdetect

NO CHANGE WILL BE MADE TO YOUR BOOT SECTOR, so to uninstall ReactOS, you only have to delete the folder you selected for the instalation of reactos, delete freeldr.sys , freeldr.ini and bootsect.ros and edit boot.ini with Notepad and delete the added lines.

All the steps to install reactOS directly from the reactOS CD:

1) Download the ReactOS ISO from Souceforge or the daily CVS build (the active work in progress version, not stable and more prone to bugs) from the Casper Hornstrup web page.

2) Extract it with WinZip or any other extracting software:

3) Now use Nero or any othe Software able to burn a CD image to a real CD. (if you have any doubt about burning CD image this tutorial can help)

4) Once you have created the ReactOS CD, restart your computer it will probably boot from the CD by default if it does not you have to enter in the BIOS to enable it (here a good tutorial).

5) You will be welcomed by the ReactOS setup page:

6) A screen with the limitiations of the early Setup of ReactOS will be displayed, press ENTER to continue.

7) Here you can move and select your hardware configuration:

8) Like the Video Card compatibility mode:

9) Once you are happy with your settings:

10) A list of your the patitions detectables by reactos will be shown (only Fat 16/32 and void partitions are shown at the moment of this tutorial).Choose where you want to install ReactOS.

11) Once selected you are given the choice to format the partition (YOU WILL LOSE ALL THE DATA IN THAT PARTITION!). or Keep the current file system (RECOMENDED) that will ONLY copy the reactOS files to that partition without changing the other data.

12) Another screen that tells you that ReactOS can not yet check filesystems (scandisk), press ENTER to continue.

13) Write down the Folder where ReactOS will be installed:

14) It is installing:

15) You are given the option to install the Bootloader in the harddisk (WinXP-2000 and NT recomended) or install in a Floppy (win 95-98 recomended). But last time I tried to install in a Floopy it did not work for me.

Installing the ISO Bootable CD Disk in WINDOWS 95/98 or MS/DOS:

The instalation will copy the ReactOS files to the directory you will select, copy the files freeldr.sys and freeldr.ini to C:\ (or the active directory of your root partition) and reactOS will CHANGE YOUR MASTER BOOT SECTOR WITH THE REACTOS ONE (the FreeLoader boot code is then written to the boot sector of the active partition) and save the original bootsector as BOOTSECT.DOS. So from that moment you will find on starting a menu offering to start ReactOS or Windows/MSDOS, as this change is dificult to undo unless you have some technical knowledge, i would not recomend this way of instalation (in win95/98 and MSDOS) unless you dont mind risking your data or you know what you are doing. Read the binaries/floopy boot instalation.

Apart from the above, the whole process of instalation is the same as in Windows XP/2000/NT (look above)


This is part of a more complete tutorial with screenshots, still waiting for someone to host it. (I can not use my old computer as server,it has a problem, too much radioelectric interferences with the surrounding radios and people are becoming quite angry :( )
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