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ReactOS: Serious and professional operating system -project

Post by Sami »

Auditing the source code is good thing and it might be turned to benefit the ReactOS -project. This polishes the image of ReactOS and gives right signal to world. Now there should not be anyone who thinks that ReactOS is just a team of frustrated hackers that are trying to clone Windows by any means. No, ReactOS is much more than that. ReactOS is really a serious and professional project that is developing a new operating system, that will someday be better than Microsoft Windows.

I really hope that the new developement policy will encourage more respectable and honourable developers to join in this project. This may eventually even speed up the developement of ReactOS.

Keep the ReactOS -flag high and keep up the good and clean work!
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Post by Mrkaras »

Glad to hear you think so, I totaly agree.
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