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Software Requests?

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 7:34 am
by jdbiggers
I am new to this forum and have not had time to go through all the possible request in other posts. I will do so, but, in the meanwhile, does anyone have any software they wish to see available for ReactOS?

Just a little background...I have been writing software (self-taught) for nearly 27 years. I write mostly native PE Executables using Delphi Don't laugh...I can prototype a complete application faster and the executables run faster. Never liked script languages or languages that needed an intermediate interpreter like "Delphi-Flat" aka C# and .NET. But I have some experience with that, as well. I have written everything from complete field data collection utilities (more than 12,000 fields of data which go to specific parts of forms) with integrated sketching and voice notes that run on portable embedded devices, to complex form engines and "Office" type applications. My forte was essentially conversion utilities so that data could be more efficiently utilized and analyzed, including statistical analysis. I had the fourth largest software company user base in the world for a particular and difficult market which had to integrate with many systems and government agencies, and I was the only "employee" (all the others had from 40 to 400 programmers!). I mostly wrote software out of necessity, because what existed did not suit my needs. Quite often, I've found, people who write industry-specific software actually have no idea how that industry actually works.

Despite all this, I consider myself a "novice" computer user and, quite frankly, don't like technology very much. As I said, I write programs because I HAD TO, and it turned out others like my software better than what was commercially available. Being a person actively working in a certain profession makes it much easier to have what your colleagues want when the competitors are just coders.

So, I would like to contribute to ReactOS by providing software people believe will be useful and functional. Disk utilities, word processors, forms designers, themes, etc.. I am disheartened that every video I watched of ReactOS thus far seemed to involve showing how it runs video games. IMO if you want to play video games get an XBox. Computers are far too remarkable to waste vegetating the mind and body! They should make our life easier and more productive so that we can spend more time AWAY from computers to enjoy life.

So please let me know if you think there is some productive software you would like to see up and running in ReactOS.

Kind Regards:

John-David Biggers

Re: Software Requests?

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 2:12 am
Well I have found quite a lot of tutorials on ReactOS that have no relation to gaming, so I have no idea where you are looking at. I have been a gamer for years now. I game on my free time because it is enjoyable and helps take my mind off life, which is nice. You need to be a gamer to understand it.

As for the rest, Delphi isn't used anywhere in ReactOS, so I am not sure how you plan on helping with that (I am surprised anyone still uses that language). Only C and C++ are mostly used, with some minor python and assembly here and there. I suppose Go and Rust would be able to work for ReactOS, since they can call C++ software in them and both of them are open-source, too. Maybe the ReactOS team should consider using those to code ReactOS, instead of C/C++.

As for software, I would like to see some Vista+ software/drivers add to ReactOS, like NVME and Vulkan. It would unlock the doorway for future software, too. Steam support would be nice, too.

Re: Software Requests?

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 11:11 am
by middings
Re: Rust programming language


Z98 locuta est, causa finita est.
(Z98 has spoken. The issue is closed.)

Re: Software Requests?

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:53 pm
by dizt3mp3r
It is tough one when you have skills that the team does not want...

My suggestion: Use your skills to test ReactOS, open well-documented tickets on JIRA, publicise ReactOS and make a contribution outside the core developer/website community. Unless you have the precise skillset they need you won't be immediately welcomed with open arms. That is my experience. Having said that, they can be a welcoming bunch so don't despair of them if you aren't immediately sucked in to the pool.

The first thing I say to anyone wanting to use/contribute to ReactOS is to lower your expectations of what you can achieve - then you won't be disappointed.

My skills are graphic design, VB6, project management, CMS, Joomla, wordpress, HTML, javascript, PHP, VMS, fault tolerant systems and electronics/hardware, copy-writing and SEO. There is little place for these skills in the ReactOS team, so I sit back and use these skills on occasion outside the box as it were.

I write an occasional article on ReactOS and put it out on various locations on the web, I regularly try to assist on the forums, I test specific applications, imagine new uses for a stable ReactOS, respond to negative and incorrect comments on youtube and other locations. It isn't much but it is a contribution, no matter how small.

Re: Software Requests?

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 9:32 pm
by Z98
From a strategic perspective the greatest benefit to the team is a better awareness of how ReactOS can actually be used. Are there situations where its current feature set is "good enough." We've seen instances where people have run old industrial/scientific equipment on ReactOS because XP is no longer available (that actually scares me a bit but to each their own) so we know that ReactOS is reaching a point where it might see use in limited but still real world situations. If you are a developer that works on industry specific software, software that can reasonably be put onto dedicated systems that are only for that particular use case, it would be interesting from the team's perspective to see how well, if at all, ReactOS is able to run your software. We know we're slowly advancing in terms of compatibility, but we really haven't seen any sort of concentrated, dedicated effort to try to make ReactOS robust for a specific use case. What applications in that field fails? What features are they making use of? Right now the devs pretty much do whatever they are interested in, but there is active interest in a specific niche, and if resources were available, well, that could help get ReactOS to the point of being usable for that field faster.

Re: Software Requests?

Posted: Sat Jan 28, 2017 4:22 am
by middings
From time to time a skilled programmer expresses interest in assisting the ReactOS project but is not able (for various good reasons) to work on operating system kernel code. Reasons include:
  • not familiar with the special requirements for kernel code
  • not skilled in the languages (C and C++) used by the ReactOS project
  • has seen Microsoft Windows source code
There are ways to assist the ReactOS project without writing code but for those who wish to aid the ReactOS project by contributing useful non-kernel software I have a suggestion. Consider writing a tool, utility or test program useful to the project yet is not part of ReactOS itself. For example, producing freely-redistributable open-source replacements for the Sysinternals utilities might be an interesting and useful open source project of its own. There are other possible utilities that could be very useful to ReactOS users and testers that are not part of ReactOS itself. They could also be useful to Microsoft Windows users. By establishing a separate open-source project for such utilities, a programmer would not be restricted by the ReactOS project's requirements.

Re: Software Requests?

Posted: Sat Jan 28, 2017 8:19 am
by PurpleGurl
Games seem to be tested the most because they are so demanding. So you should be encouraged because the games will run, since if games that require complex graphics code will run, then surely an office suite should run. And yes, there are currently wrinkles with office applications, but the recent contracts should help get more software to run.

Re: Software Requests?

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2017 8:09 pm
by JHKr0md1yk
middings wrote:Re: Rust programming language


Z98 locuta est, causa finita est.
(Z98 has spoken. The issue is closed.)
Well, I wouldn't take such a hardliner stance wrt programming languages beyond plain vanilla C, but then again little old me isn't the one to call that shot, so I'll be trusting Z98 &Co's judgement on that issue. However, I do know that several devs have dabbled in using C++ for "NT" kernel programming, so there is still an interest. If C++ gets the last handful of issues fixed in an upcoming revision so that it actually becomes useful for kernel devwork without some intricate tweaking (here's to good hoping) and//or Rust and Corrode take off, then it might be worthwhile to have another look at programming the ROS kernel in a more sophisticated C-like language, or laying down the groundwork for kernel interfacing. As for now, since the ROS kernel still needs plenty of devving and bugfixing work and is definitely not feature complete yet, C remains the only choice. Ppl who have a serious interest in this subject are better off maintaining their own forks.

Whatever happened to the C++ Monstera branch anyway? Can't find anything but an almost empty dir structure in Fisheye.