USB Boot Fixed

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Re: USB Boot Fixed

Post by reactosuser7 »

The point is that floppy drives are no more available.

And DVD Writers will follow the same way, we expect later.
We are seeing how it is not so necesary to have a DVD Writer this time as before.

According to one source, claims that in 2018 DVDs and Blu-rays sales will be exceed by non-physical media like
video streaming and downloads.

So ReactOS should have USB Booting successfully, when the team could resolve problems concerning USB Boot.

It is not to hurry up the team.

It just to be cautious or prudent to have a full functional USB Boot for ReactOS before DVD Writers be less available or
even disappear.

I hope you understand my point.
And sorry to pressure.

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Re: USB Boot Fixed

Post by reactosuser7 »

Alternatively we have Rufus USB bootable creation tool, that has ReactOS listed in its website in
(2) Non exhaustive list of ISOs Rufus is known to work with

Another thing is using dd comand in GNU/Linux and other unix derivates

dd if=/home/User/Downloads/ReactOS-0.4.3-live.iso of=/dev/sdb

sdb: USB stick.

And 256 MegaBytes old USB stick (perfect for 210 MB ReactOS live iso) is a way of reusing instead of trashing.

It surely all have one or more of these first low storage capacibility USB Sticks.

I will test ReactOS LIveUSB using this last way, and I will post in the forum .

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Re: USB Boot Fixed

Post by osuser25 »

Need to be careful with dd so you don't wipe your own harddrive lol.

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Re: USB Boot Fixed

Post by vgal »

To prepare the USB drive to boot, I use RMPrepUSB on Windows:
1. "Bootloader Opions" - SYSLINUX;
2. Add "mboot.c32" file from "syslinux\com32\";
3. Create "syslinux.cfg" file:
KERNEL mboot.c32
APPEND /loader/setupldr.sys
4. Copy all from *.iso to root on USB drive ;
5. Replace the USB drivers.

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Re: USB Boot Fixed

Post by milon »

I would *love* to help with real hardware USB testing, but I didn't quite understand what we're being asked to test. Can someone elaborate? Or are we already out of time?

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