New reactos strategy?

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New reactos strategy?

Post by benqpolska » Sat Dec 10, 2016 12:26 pm

i want to discover it again at age 8 (1997 year) when same aged dude has got pentium 133mhz and even i didn know what is ip address. we played quake2 together. win95/98 era.
im watching jira (what ever it is something like svn before git ) and it seems only few active developers doing what they can do ( anime , mark , serge, reactosfanboy, office 2010:) ) and ALL Others i didnt mention as consumer ( they brought this system to gui stage.
summarizing that anywhere on world born clever people (even in Africa) . my question is how to "encoungurage " western world to spend 1 $ for this system instead buying one beer.
two why in google trends linux kernel had so huge boots ? diagram shows different tendency at capitalism : ... x%20kernel
nobody cares now about kernel because all devs made stable it enough
other example : ... l-size.png since 2.2 up to 3.0 - what happened there?

other thing is android/linux or what ever it is it became commercialized and what its .blob drivers?? they said are open and free so why they use third party closed source drivers ? (famous quote "nvidia fuck you"? reactos doest care about it their target was to make system equal to windows and they doest care what driver manufacturer will bring.

tl:dr : how to commercialize reactos to pay your bills -(question to developers), how to find more devs, oldshool guyis just should sit and drink coffe until big community of developers / beta testers create patch

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Re: New reactos strategy?

Post by ROCKNROLLKID » Sat Dec 10, 2016 9:15 pm

There is more then just those developers working on ReactOS. Maybe you only notice the because they work on ReactOS more then the others. A lot of developers have been coming and going throughout the years.

People always get the misunderstanding and try to compare ReactOS to Linux. ReactOS has completely different priorities then Linux. Also, ReactOS team has said that everything in ReactOS will always be open-source, so no need to worry about closed source stuff here.

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Re: New reactos strategy?

Post by middings » Sun Dec 11, 2016 3:38 am

benqpolska wrote:(Linux is said to be) open and free so why (do) they use third party closed source drivers (also called blobs)?
This Wikipedia article, Binary Blob, might answer your question.

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