What happens after Word 2010?

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What happens after Word 2010?


I am just curious as to what hbelusca will do after Word 2010 is fixed?

Honestly, if I can make a suggestion, I think he should either work on finishing up USB support or he should get a cache manager working.

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Re: What happens after Word 2010?

Post by PurpleGurl »

Okay, Hermes is a regular developer here. He was given the contract because it was one of the promises we made as a part of the last fundraising campaign, that the Community Edition would be able to run Word 2010. So that made it a priority. Hopefully, when Word 2010 works, that will cause a significant amount of software to work. There are a number of things that won't install, but would run if installed (even if you have to manually dump in the files in all the correct folders and manually register the programs as a workaround for the installers not working properly).

The USB work was started by a GSOC guest developer. Hopefully he will get some free time between his classes to finish the work. A lot of the work is there but hasn't been merged yet.

On the cache manager thing, that ties in more with the memory manager and the file system support. That requires different skillsets.

The thing to remember is that different developers bring different skillsets and preferences with them. So some are more comfortable with one type of coding than another. It makes little sense to pull people off of what they are good at to work on something for which another developer would prefer doing. You will find with time that most are doing things the way they are for a reason. What might seem to be better way of doing things for a newcomer might not really be better. A larger OS like Windows (or ReactOS, or even Linux in a lot of cases) is not effectively written by a single person.

Personally, what I'd like to see a bounty for would be multicore/multi-CPU, and SMP support. That might actually fix some long-standing real hardware issues in the process. I'm sure the USB rewrites will help in this regard too.

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Re: What happens after Word 2010?

Post by Bassa31 »

The ReactOS Team is following Reactos Community "Roadmap". 3 apps in ReactOS CE: Java, word, chrome. Now java works, word 2010 is coming, Then The next step is Chrome.

Chrome is a complicated application, I think ReactOS team will fix a lot of bugs in MM when they will work on chrome.

Word too, hermes is doing a great work, he fixed a lot of bugs. Thanks ReactOs Team!

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Re: What happens after Word 2010?

Post by middings »

Yes, Hermes has fixed many bugs. He has also helped merge patches contributed by others. I applaud him for all his work on the ReactOS project. I am confident that as long as he wishes to work on ReactOS he will continue to work on high-value improvements and additions to ReactOS, whatever they may be.

Thanks Hermes and all the ReactOS Team!
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Re: What happens after Word 2010?

Post by erkinalp »

Word 2010+ are WPF apps, if Microsoft Office 2010 and newer works correctly except for updater, then most .NET apps will work correctly.
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Re: What happens after Word 2010?

Post by Swyter »

Chrome (and its renderer) is a extremely complicated piece of software that uses many different Win32 features. Being multi-process, depending on various methods of IPC while staying sandboxed and making use of many low level graphic acceleration subsystems (DirectWrite for text, DirectX for page rendering and converting WebGL calls, comes with its own internal compositor) is a pretty neat testbed. Nowadays there are a lot of WebKit/CEF wrapped desktop applications (Steam/Spotify/GOG Galaxy/bloaty Electron-backed apps) that could benefit from having it working.

My personal wishlist for userland is polishing the text antialiasing and fixing the loading of custom GDI fonts (fonts that don't come preinstalled but are programatically feed for display). That could fix Web fonts in Firefox. If nobody takes it in the near future this thingie is certainly in my own personal roadmap.
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Re: What happens after Word 2010?

Post by ctasan »

That's a quite long question. Hermes Belusca will have to work on various areas of Win32 subsystem, which is very hard.

If I know correctly, USB is being worked on silently at the moment, and so common cache (cache manager is a mistake). Memory manager will be replaced in the (near?) future.
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