Xwidget engine installs and runs on ReactOS 0.4.3

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Xwidget engine installs and runs on ReactOS 0.4.3

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Xwidget installation now works as of version 0.4.3 under virtualbox!
Xwidget now runs too...

The installer: http://xwidget.com/download3.php xwidget 1.932

The default widgets display on the desktop but there are some graphical problems. The default widgets partially display their background elements but any animated graphical items do not update dynamically.

An F5 refreshes certain widgets and they will update just not dynamically.

eg. This widget installs and runs, an F5 updates the hour/minute hands.
http://lightquick.co.uk/downloads/panze ... Itemid=558

My widget runs rather better than the default widgets, that is possibly because I am not using the in-built animations but rather doing my own in javascript. The default widgets look like backgrounds without graphical elements nor text.

The main xwidget launcher in windows is an icon in the system tray. In ReactOS this icon is not generated. Instead the user has to navigate via the menu system, good news is that the menus seem to work.

The main issue with the widgets, apart from the lack of animation is the issue with transparency. The transparent section behind the widgets is all black.

Not quite an Epic Win but almost! - However, to see a widget engine running at all is quite a respectable achievement! Well done for 0.4.3!

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