Work-in-progress 0.4.4 changelog

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Re: Work-in-progress 0.4.4 changelog

Post by dizt3mp3r »

Don't ever be put off by lack of response here. It is just the way it is. What you are doing is very useful.
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Re: Work-in-progress 0.4.4 changelog

Post by Murmur »

yeah change is slow, just keep it up. Its good to see the changes.
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Re: Work-in-progress 0.4.4 changelog

Post by ctasan »

I was busy :( Now 0.4.3/4 have been added. Enjoy, and spread the news!

I'll prepare next changelog, 0.4.5, as work-in-progress and publish here first. It's easier to track changes this way. So, expect new topic in next days.
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Re: Work-in-progress 0.4.4 changelog

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