Dropping by to congratulate you...

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Dropping by to congratulate you...

Post by icebox »

I saw this project some time ago but it as far as I remember it was just in very early stages than. I came back now and tried 0.2.9 and well, I'm impressed. Not that it is usable for anything but... wov !

Just wanted to say thank you, and assure you that I will bug you with bug reports and tutorials as much as I can :)

Since I work as a system integrator I am able to test a lot of different hardware and I'm sure it will come handy at somepoint to break out of vmware. For now I have dedicated a vintage compaq presario just for ReactOS and I won't quit buging you until everything works in it.

Have a nice day and thank you for your work !

P.S. I just can't wait for 0.3 to come out, and oh yeah I have a small question - will it be possible at some point to just update reactos to the latest version without reinstalling ?


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Post by ThePhysicist »

There will be the PackageManager, wich will allow you to download/install/upgrade free software and I think it will be able to upgrade ROS itself. Both either from binaries or - if a compiler is installed - from the sources. But it might take some time until it's complete.

But as reinstallation is very quick it is not that big problem. But later when more apps work and require reinstallation after ROS reinstallation it might be helpful if the setup cd will recognize, if an older installation is already present and ask to update it, like Win2k/XP does. I am sure this will be implemented sooner or later.

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Post by Mrkaras »

I havn't tried it but if you just copied the files from a qemu or vmware image over the existing reactos instalation I would think it should upgrade the system without reinstalling. (boot sector would already be done)

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