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Re: 60 specific reasons for wanting ReactOS:

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 11:56 pm
by irony
This is a perfect dialog above, showing it all. One person, point by point, with objective counterarguments coming along with him, outlines untrue or unuseful character of many parts of the glorious list. another person in defense has nothing to say except repeating mantras about opponent having "problems", "not getting it", blaming opponent in serving satan etc. :D
1: here you say "this", but it's not true (proves come).
2: you don't get it, your problem is you protect MS intentions, the points of my brilliant list are still valid, no matter your proves, I ignore them, because I know it better, I am know-it-all, you are stinky... most are with me, my list is a brilliant part of the whole project.......... *keeps talking nonsense*

:D things are changing over here, usb is getting supported, but one thing remain the same - d1zt3mp3r keeps barking on everybody, who is trying to bring a little bit of common sense over this list - the need of which by itself is one of the biggest mysteries of the Universe. :D
anyway, thanks to ROCKNROLLKID for the balanced and thorough analysis. Once I had a gaffe to get into argument with this dude with his list. since he is treated here kinda speshul, I got into troubles and promised to not get into it anymore. But couldn't resist myself to not note about this epic thing - the dude literally cannot take criticism and the same time keeps generating BS.
Most seem to agree that they are entirely valid.
Most seem to not care about this silly list, having nothing to do with the truth but moreover - serving zero value for ReactOS.

d1zt3mp3r, you attack everyone who tries to point out BS in your toy. I think eventually people will learn, that it's better for everybody to just ignore this topic and let you play with it alone, writing any nonsense you want. Maybe you should put an appropriate warning banner in the beginning of the thread. Something like those warnings about angry dogs in the house. :mrgreen:

Re: 60 specific reasons for wanting ReactOS:

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 1:20 am
by dizt3mp3r
Relax, I am not attacking anyone. In actual fact, I think you just attacked me.

The list is valid, no changes required.

Re: 60 specific reasons for wanting ReactOS:

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 8:41 am
by EmuandCo
I was asked to handle this here before ppl start to throw spikey things at each other. OK...
@irony I have no problem with valid criticism, but it has to stay in a way ppl can still see as valid. Getting over the top is difficult. And getting off topic is no way for that too. If you have problems, PM a mod next time and we can try to handle it. We don't need any public outrage in here.

@dizt3mp3r He was a bit close to say too much, but looking ONLY at your posts in a row makes me wonder if he at least is a bit right here. Try yourself ^^ Cool down, man. Stay on a moderate level with critics and we all have no problem. Of course some ppl can't handle criticism at all, these will be handled by us in worst case then. PM me if conflicts arise and I don't see it thx to the amount of spam I remove daily ^^

Re: 60 specific reasons for wanting ReactOS:

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 12:37 pm
by dizt3mp3r
My English is straightforward and always precise. It is very 'English'.

If it comes over in any way other than that then forgive me. As I said in an earlier post, I think others ascribe a tone to my posts that is not there. Perhaps it is because I write in an 'English' manner. I simply say it like it is and I suppose I may not leave any room for the other's feelings.

I don't tend to think about others' sentiments when I post and don't expect them to do the same about my own. I spend very little time on this thread, posting here once every few months and I invest very little emotion in it. I expect others to do the same but I seem to be wrong in that I need to cater for other's feelings. When it comes to computers and lists of expected functionality I find it hard to do so and the relevance of doing so has probably escaped me when posting so the tone may not seem friendly.

However, I will TRY to cater for those emotions and add some friendly ones of my own but realise they will be manufactured rather than real - but for the sake of the tone I will do so.

However, for the moment, I don't think there is any change needed to the list - and here is a smiley to soften the message. :D

Re: 60 specific reasons for wanting ReactOS:

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 5:00 pm
by EmuandCo
See? Works fine ^^

Re: 61 specific reasons for wanting ReactOS:

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 10:57 am
by dizt3mp3r
61: ReactOS development helps other projects, notably WINE, ReactOS being a major contributor to Wine's code base.