Live installer?

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Live installer?

Post by matthew65536 »

I've thought of something that can help a lot of people, i don't know about the rest of you, but i think it would be a lot easier if React OS had a live installer inside the Live CD, because i think it would be easier instead of downloading the Live CD only to find out you would rather install this nice (but still in the works) OS, but to find out you'll have to download an install image

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Re: Live installer?

Post by PurpleGurl »

That has been discussed in the past, having a single CD that will let you both evaluate it and install it. That would simplify things for users, and maybe eventually for devs, but there is quite a coding "cost" up front. So while it is a nice to have feature, who is going to code it when there is so much other things that need coding?

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Re: Live installer?

Post by erkinalp »

It would have been easier if we had a working copy-on-write FS like btrfs. Installing then would be a snapshot dump followed by creating an overlay for user settings. Ubuntu Core and flatpak use this model. Any thoughts on placing system registry on an overlay?
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Re: Live installer?

Post by Blackcrack »

something like a borginstaller, where copy the "standart" dll/system
into a iso or a usb and prepear an clean running WinNT on an other device..
this would be pretty nice :)
(highest infect able into an hardware without an WinNT system ;) )
with the possible for installing direct custom programs like partitonsmanager or others on the usbstick
or by generate a ISO and install/"move installed" programs directly into the iso .. or how can say that ..

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Re: Live installer?

Post by ercanersoy »

I have thought of two option in ReactOS Live CD that include installer. These are text mode installer (usetup) and ReactOS Live with installer.

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