Will the 0.3.0Release contains a tool to set up the network?

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Will the 0.3.0Release contains a tool to set up the network?

Post by LesThor »

I think it is a good idea for the 0.3.0 network-release to have a easy-to-use tool to set up network. So the normal user don't have to use regedit.

Will 0.3.0 contains such a tool?

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Post by Ged »

yes. it will have a network control panel the same as windows.

You'll see there is already one in there now, it's just not working correctly just yet.

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Tasklist network app

Post by Jaix »

It is really nice, now it is only the tasklist network info app to check ip and stuff left then.

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Post by mikedep333 »

Fortunately DHCP works automatically so most people won't need to configure anything it if the graphics driver is installed. I do understand your trouble though. For example, in linux using ndiswrapper, I have to manually specify a router despite DHCP otherwise working.

Update: the properties page for tcp/ip (IP address, subnet mask, router, two DNS servers) is now there, and ipconfig works. This is all in the trunk of course, and setting manual tcp/ip settings doesn't work.

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