ReactOS API?

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ReactOS API?

Post by SirTalon »

I've been wondering for a while if there is any plans to implement API that isn't meant just to be compatible with other stuff (like not apart of the Win32 API, or Linux, etc)? Probably the best use for this API would be to control the subsystems, and special stuff just to do with ReactOS.

Also I've been wondering another thing, once there are multiple subsystems in ReactOS (like a once a Linux subsystem is added), would it then be possible to write a program that uses say both Win32 and Linux subsystems in one executable? Or maybe having a Win32 executable that is linked against Linux libraries, or vice versa?

A third question is would it be possible to extend the graphical system to act as if its also an X server? I mean like being able to run graphical Linux applications in a way that makes them act look and act as if they are normal windows programs (i.e. somewhat like the CygWin X11 server running in multiwindow mode, except without having to run a extra X11 program)?

Once again I have to say that the ReactOS developers are awesome, keep up the amazing work!
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Post by Darklin »

The name may be wrong but I believe that they will be calling that section of the code the "NDK" or Native Development Kit.

It will be a way to interface directly with the internals of ReactOS. I imagine part of that will be the subsystem interface stuff.
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ROS API et c.

Post by ea »

There are already ROS specific APIs, mostly in the kernel+executive (NTOSKRNL.EXE). But probably they will be dropped when it reaches 1.0.

Inter-subsystem calls are not allowed in NT: usually you use a local proxy or call semantics converter.

If your Linux X/11 client uses TCP/IP to connect to the X/11 server, nothing prevents it from running in any of the available local subsystems.
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