Doom 3 retail + Resurrection of Evil expansion + 1.3.1 patch

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Doom 3 retail + Resurrection of Evil expansion + 1.3.1 patch

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Doom 3 retail + Resurrection of Evil expansion + 1.3.1 patch

you need to use the directx 9c redistributable to install directx 9c to stop the sound from getting scrambled at the mane menu the game gets to the mane menu and the sound works but when you start a now game the audio stops working

there seems to by a mouse and keyboard input bug but i do not know if that is a reactos bug or a bug in VirtualBox for example when on the mane menu i try to click exit button but the mouse cursor gets to credits but will not move any fervor right having Mouse Integration enabled or disabled doesn't make any difference
strafe left strafe right forward backward and turn right work but turn left does not work

clicking mods then selecting a mod then clicking load mod locks the game up
on the install dvd if you try to run Launch.exe the system crashes

you need to installed on windows and then copy it to the Reactos hard drive
doom 3 installer is a installshield installer it starts then crashes
using the following command line switches

Code: Select all

Setup.exe /debuglog"C:\Logs\setupexe.log" /V"/L*v c:\Logs\SetupMSI.log"
in the SetupMSI.log the error i get is

Code: Select all

Failed to launch action 'LaunchConditions', error is 1603
VirtualBox 5.0.16 you need to install VirtualBox guest additions

[ external image ]
[ external image ]
.webm ... XBjYUgxWjg
.mp4 ... GU4akZucHM
Debug log ... 235653.txt

edit mouse input bug workaround still not 100% working
Options -> Game Options Mouse sensitivity to max

Edit mouse keyboard input bug workaround 100% working
run the game in windowed mode and the game resolution needs to be the same as the desktop resolution if your desktop resolution is 800 / 600 then the game resolution needs to be 800 / 600
turn left turn right you need to rebind the keys the left arrow key doesn't work
on the controller config screen the left arrow key works but in game it does not work
edit fix missing information
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