The FAT patent and competition - Why MS should *not* act!

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The FAT patent and competition - Why MS should *not* act!

Post by mr_moose »

Hi all -

I've been following the dev-list comments on the FAT patent, and thought I'd just mention a scenario that has occurred to me ......

The US Dept of Justice has (in the past) kept a bit of an eye on MS as far as monopolies are concerned. It is more true now than ever that as far as competition to MS is concerned, there isn't any. Precious little, anyway ....

Ok, so we have a monpolistic company with no competition, and the DOJ is just down the road, keeping an eye on things.

To give the appearance of "competition". it would be rather (in fact, very) "useful" if MS could find someone (anyone) that they could point to, and then say to the DOJ "Hey, here's some competition, guys".

Along comes a cool thing called ReactOS, and all of a sudden there's something that MS can pop into their "hey we've got competition" scenario. After all, Linux started with one person, and now look where it is.

Now OK - I'm very aware that ROS is not (yet) close to being really competitive with MS (as say, Linux is).
What I am getting at is the ***appearance*** of there being competition. The image (if you like) of a competitor on the distant horizon.

Because it gives MS a "straw man" to point to ("hey, here's some competition"), MS would be wise to leave ROS alone, to avoid the DOJ popping along and knocking on their door again .....

Just my 2c worth .......
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Post by oiaohm »

Hmm Get a aggreement out of Microsoft so we don't have to pay.

If the fear the DOJ its time to form a protective agreement.

Microsoft has to apply patent evenly or discrimation comes into play. We need for hardware developers to want to ship products with Reactos due to its features and cost. Patent charge that they have to pay for us and Linux without a Patent change guess what one they will pick.

Better to make the first move and get to protection then stand back watch and wait for the wave.

Precious little. That is false. Linux will most likely reach 50 percent of global desktop market in 3 years. Without the other markets Linux has control of.
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Post by unkemptwolf »

oiaohm wrote:Patent charge that they have to pay for us and Linux without a Patent change guess what one they will pick.
Exactally, just like right now, most hardware vendors chose linux, because it is free, rather than Windows that they have to pay for. Why just yesterday I walked into Best Buy and picked up my Alienware computer with Fedora installed.</sarcasm>

Vendors (Dell, HP, Gateway, Alienware, eMachines) do not care about paying charges. What they do care about is whether the OS does what they need it to do (i.e. they need to to play their customer's 4 year old's Dora the Explorer playtime CD-ROM, which Linux doesnt do very well). ReactOS is not competing with Linux, ReactOS is competing with Windows. This is a common misconception in the Linux world too, they thing they are competing with windows, when really (on the whole) they are competing with UNIX. While Linux may have WINE going for it, it will can not (and should not) give the customer a similar feel to Windows. Desktop Linux will (most likely) not become main stream within the next 5 years, but desktop ReactOS could very well do just that, as it can replace a Windows install with little or no fuss. Just my 2 cents.
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Post by oiaohm »

Yes Current problems in Linux are the same as the Problems is Reactos.

Reactos are building a kernel. Wine is building a Windows Kernel to run inside Linux. Hmm Safedisk or the like being a problem long term. I guess not.

Common desktop application interface for all Linuxs expected release date 2006 June/July. One Binary Per Processor Type Instead of One Binary Person Distro by Number of Processors Type for commerical programs.

Things are changing. 5 years ago you could not dream of this.

Linux is competing with Windows. One of the reasons why Microsoft does not control the Server Market as well as the Destop Market. Linux in the server market has got about as much as it can while Microsoft Controls the Desktop. Only way to expand the Server Market now is to take out the Desktop. Go and ask business why they have Windows 200X servers installed. Its because they have Windows Desktops.

Questions were ask about Linux lack of commerical applications.
Lack of Market Share.--How do you get that in the first place--
To hard to develop due differences between Distros.--This will be removed--
Desktop Interface. More development on this in the last 2 year than the complete live of UNIX and Linux

Now its just Market Share.

Desktop is now a long term target of Linux. Server Market is under control. All OS's need to grow market share. In Linux case it has to grow market share to get more payed developers.

Unix developers never really cared about the desktop Interface. Linux developers now are.

Linux is just as big of a threat to Windows as Reactos. If Microsoft losses the server market. Its loses control to lock networks to there OS. This allows os's like Reactos to develop as well as Linux to go after Desktop Market Share. If you think Linux Companys like SUSE would not love to have a copy of linux with support on every desktop you are completely wrong. Money is Money.

Linux is protected by more Money due to its Control of markets. Ie Super computer are not going to rebuild without a fight.
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