Developer blogs, important or not ?

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What are your views on developer blogs

They are an important part of the community
They aren't important, but they are fun
Don't care
No votes
Total votes: 33

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Developer blogs, important or not ?

Post by Ged »

This poll isn't directed at the current ReactOS blogging situation, I'm just trying to gauge perception on blogging as a whole.
I'm not saying developers are going to act on the outcome of this poll.

Any additional comments welcomed.

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broken link

Post by slyi »

There is bug in comumity page its points to blogs at but the left nav points

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Re: broken link

Post by frik85 »

slyi wrote:There is bug in comumity page its points to blogs at but the left nav points
I fixed the link.

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Post by menn »

i think the more information on ros the better, including any dev blogs. the only issue is organization. i can select blogs from the ros website but i can't get the impression that it is a complete list. would be nice if they were all linked to from there.

another things is that regardless of whether they will be useful now, they could be priceless to developers inside and outside (learning about windows from ros source) the ros project in the future - maybe the devs should blog with this one thing in mind. ...but again the deciding factor is organization.
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Post by Quvack »

I think the developer blogs are important, its a way to learn more about ReactOS, its dev's, where its going and how various things are planned/work :)

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