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ReactOS hanging at boot

Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 10:42 pm
by jatos
I just installed ReactOS OS my laptop hard drive. When I try booting it the bootup hangs. When run in debug mode, this happens after Loading Floppy appears on screen. For the record I installed ReactOS onto my laptop using Qemu, starting Qemu with the following command

qemu -boot d -enable-audio -m 64 -hda /dev/sda -cdrom /root/ReactOS.iso

SDA was a 6 gig hard disk in a USB caddy.

The laptop is a Toshiba Libretto 100CT with the following spec:

166mhz pentium MMX
32mb RAM
6 gig hitachi hard disk
PCMCIA floppy disk drive.

[edit]I jsut realised I instinctively posted this in general discussion. Apologys for that. Also if a mod/admin wanders by you may want to move the thread[/edit]

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 1:41 am
by GreatLord
Hi you lapptop graphic card is
NeoMagic MagicGraph 128XD (NM2160)

and it only support VBE 1.2

I am sad to say that the ReactOS LiveCD will not work on you laptop. Thanks to it does not support VESA 2.0 in the firmware of the graphic card.

The BootCD (Install CD) should work and you must select VGA driver to manager booting to GUI after installations.

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 10:11 am
by jatos
Right I have tryed booting ReactOS selecting VGA only mood. Still hangs, I get the following output in debug mood:

Staring ReactOS 0.2.9-RELEASE (BUILD 20051222-r20301)
Copyright (c) 1998-2005 ReactOS Team

ReactOS is free software, covered by the GNU general Public License, and you are welcome to change it and/or distribute copies of it under certain conditions. There is absolutely no warranty for ReactOS

Found 1 system processor(s). [32 MB Memory]

Loading scsiport.sys...
Loadinf atapi.sys...
Loading buslogic.sys...
Loading class2.sys
Loading disk.sys...
Loading vfatfs.sys...
Loading bootvid.sys
Loading ndis.sys...
Loading Floppy...

...and at that point it freezes.

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 11:51 am
by GvG
Can you try with a little bit more memory (you have only allocated 32Mb now, which should be enough, but perhaps isn't...)

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 12:23 pm
by jatos
upgrading the memory on Librettos is easier said than done. They have this non-standard upgrade chip that is not in general production.

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 4:21 pm
by GvG
Sorry, I misunderstood, I thought you were using qemu on your laptop.

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 7:58 pm
by Jatos2
No librettos don't have cd-rom drives so I use Qemu to install the program on my libretto, I todl Qemu to use my laptop hard drive as a hard drive image while it was in a USB caddy. Hence /dev/sda in the command line.

Anyway I going to try and borrow an external CD drive and install ReactOS using that, may work then.

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 8:36 pm
by Jatos2
Ok, I am going to skip that idea cd-rom's power lead hasgone walkies.

Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2006 2:27 am
by GvG
Another idea: since it appears to be hanging initializing the floppy device driver, get rid of it. Just delete \ReactOS\system32\drivers\floppy.sys (you'll need to do that with the drive attached to another computer of course). It might complain about the missing driver, but it should continue anyway.

Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2006 3:20 am
by GreatLord
I have got report from a swedish user, it hang at floppy.sys on his machine. and it is Siemens computer. if he get rid of it it work bit futers. some need check our floopy drv why it hange some machine.

Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2006 1:01 pm
by Jatos2
right I will try deleting that file.

Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2006 10:05 pm
by jatos
Right I can't delet teh file - everytime I delete konqueror, remove the hard disk and reattach to my usb port the file appears

linux delete file

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2006 6:35 pm
by steveh

>Right I can't delet teh file - everytime I delete konqueror, remove the hard disk and reattach to my usb port the file appears

1. check if mounted "read write" in linux

2. partition must be "unmounted" or root must do "sync" before you can unplug the USB hdd in linux! If you unplug without sync or unmount, shortly after your delete, these changes are done only in the filesystem cache, not yet on the hdd.