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Re: Why?

Post by Swyter » Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:06 pm

I also think that the new homepage is a step in the good direction, but still needs polishing, specially with the wording and the amount of blank space.

Let's be fair here, 'awesomizing' sounds more than a bit cringey. I understand it tries to give a trendy image that references dank Internet meme rolfcopter noscope m8 territory, but apart from some awkward non-native language, this word in particular crosses the line from friendly into grandpa-cool. It tries too hard. A better word -that many understand- is the concept of "ricing" your OS, as in making your desktop pretty. Or better yet, get rid of that part.

It's not like the final objective of a complex operating system is installing themes and wallpapers. Testing is important, but trying to make it intrinsically fun attracts a kind of audience that I don't think is desirable from a marketing perspective. Serious developers will find it a bit weird, but if you are after the WinCustomize/script kiddy demographic go for it.

I'd do something a bit more neutral and minimal, showing it running some complex software without glaring issues, saying; look, we are not amateurs, and this is not a toy, this is a sophisticated pile of interrelated FOSS software. No bullcrap.

I understand that you tried to ramp up the credibility by adding logos of reputable media, but the extra size of those images shows desperation. I'd do them smaller and put them aside, like is not big deal that the BBC talks about us. Linking the logo to the actual news would be better and will make it appear less scammy. Right now they do nothing, we'll take your word for it.


Edit: Some project pages I really like, they are modern, up-to-date, crystar clear and simpler:
- https://libav.org/
- https://ffmpeg.org/
- http://minix3.org/ (not responsive design, but the layout is pretty neat)
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Re: Why?

Post by hp38guser » Wed Feb 17, 2016 1:14 am

I have no problem with the word Awesomizing for now. The project and idea of a free and open Windows NT compatible OS is just awesome 8-)

The current animation is just a concept. I think as the project progresses we can work on different types of animations, better backgrounds etc. I really would love to see the animation moved further on top to be in your face when you open the project website as shown in my concept.

Maybe also add an option to fold the animation for people who don't like to have the animation shown everytime they open the site. This setting can be stored in a cookie. People who don't understand cookies and clear them will probably whine about this, but you should ignore their complaints. Using advanced cookie cleaners you can add exceptions anyway. Providing the option to fold is better than providing no option at all.

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Re: Why?

Post by dizt3mp3r » Wed Feb 17, 2016 3:59 am

Nothing should fill you with awe except the second coming of Christ or billowing mushroom clouds over Kiev/Moscow/San Francisco (delete where appropriate). :D

If the contents of a website about an operating system fill you with awe, then your life is pathetic or there is something seriously wrong with you. :D

The word "Awesome" is trite, massively overused and trivialises the site contents. It is the sort of language used by "girls in the mall" with whining accents or skateboarders with their hats on the wrong way. Please, please show that we are more than this. I really expected better.
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Re: Why?

Post by Z98 » Wed Feb 17, 2016 4:17 am

Tone it down a little.

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Re: Why?

Post by dizt3mp3r » Wed Feb 17, 2016 4:31 am

Sorry. Just that sort of language drives me a little nuts... As you can see! I pasted in some smilies so you can see it wasn't meant in any other way than light-heartedly.

I'm rather passionate about the use of language and giving the correct meaning. So many people use English as their second language and I feel we ought to be as concise and accurate as we can. It gives the right impression about what ReactOS really is.

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