just check the lastest build

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just check the lastest build

Post by mrgoogle »

im really impress with the improvements, this is definitely one of the most innovative things that ever happen in the open-source community, it'll really help so many programming enthusiast understand how window OS works, its a shame that we were not able to bring this into the education curriculum as a learning basis for understanding how windows systems works, for students. What do you think guys?
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Re: just check the lastest build

Post by bernarddt »

Funny enough, I'm also enjoying reading and understanding more about the OS and what it really are doing below the surface.

Although I have a degree with Programming as major, I did not have formal training on low level coding or OS level operations. So I have to read up and figure things out in my free time. But this project brought the excitement back to be interested in finding out what really goes on below the OS surface.

Also, I recently listened to a podscast: "Security Now" which explained how a computer function on the hardware level. Very interesting for someone who knows basic electronics, but have not yet looked into the workings of the computer.

Goto and listen the audio files at:

Episode #233 - Let's Design a Computer (part 1)
Episode #235 - Machine Language
Episode #237 - Indirection: The Power of Pointers
Episode #239 - Stacks, Registers & Recursion
Episode #241 - Hardware Interrupts
Episode #247 - The “Multi”-verse
Episode #250 - Operating Systems
Episode #252 - RISCy Business
Episode #254 - What We'll Do for Speed

You can also find the video on Twit.tv, but I rather listen to the audio when I'm driving to work and back home.
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