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Bug report page

Post by roytam » Mon Dec 20, 2004 5:28 am

version: cvs 2004-12-18 in VPC2004 SP1
action: opening regedit and cmd

Code: Select all

Bug detected (code 0 param 0 0 0 0)                                            
  The bug code is undefined. Please use an existing code instead.              
Frames: <ntoskrnl.exe: b440> <ntoskrnl.exe: b460> <ntoskrnl.exe: 62c3d> <ntoskr
l.exe: 62037> <ntoskrnl.exe: 16515> <ntoskrnl.exe: 200db> <ntoskrnl.exe: 20580>
<win32k.sys: 522e7> <win32k.sys: 52244> <win32k.sys: 52051> <win32k.sys: 3daa5>
<ntoskrnl.exe: 3237> <gdi32.dll: 6f6f> <gdi32.dll: 9806> <comctl32.dll: 1e38c> 
comctl32.dll: 2549d> <comctl32.dll: 27020> <user32.dll: 136be> <user32.dll: 138
1> <regedit.exe: 7987> <regedit.exe: c4eb> <regedit.exe: 116a> <regedit.exe: 10
8> <kernel32.dll: 2756e> <DEADBEEF>                                            

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Post by GreatLord » Mon Dec 20, 2004 10:30 am

Try another virtual emulator ms vpc has some bugs there and there.

last time I try vpc it did not ran reactos at all.

here is some stable vmachine emulators

vmware, qemu, boche

vmware are faster of them all
qemu are fast but lite slower that vmware, but qemu are GPL

boche are the slowest of them all. it take long time before some thing happen. ir is also GPL

use vmware or qemu

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