ReactOS + QEMU -> Emscripten/JS potential?

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ReactOS + QEMU -> Emscripten/JS potential?

Post by icekold0 »

I have had a look at the possible downloads and ReactOS has been created as a QEMU virtual machine...

Now... having read that QEMU and a Linux kernel have been compiled through emscripten to produce a JavaScript linux (JSLinux) that runs in a web browser... in theory, could ReactOS be compiled through emscripten to create an OS in a browser?

I do love the fact that ReactOS is intended to be a binary match for Windows applications, but the possibility could be amazing if it could be booted through a browser.

Admittedly the result will potentially be fairly large (if the download size of 200MB (zipped) for ReactOS is anything to go by)... but would something like this, at least, work?

Most hardware facilities probably wouldn't work because of the browser sandbox, but this really isn't of huge concern if one wanted to run a basic application offline...

What are people's thoughts?

Thank you,


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Re: ReactOS + QEMU -> Emscripten/JS potential?

Post by DOSGuy »

If it could be done, it would be slow as hell. There's a huge performance penalty when you emulate anything. Linux (until recently) can run on a 386, so tiny core Linux distros with tiny system requirements are possible. ReactOS has low system requirements, relatively speaking, but nothing like those 25-50 MB Linux distros. ReactOS requires a Pentium processor, 96 MB of RAM and hundreds of megabytes of hard drive space. JavaScript engines are orders of magnitude faster than they were a few years ago, but JavaScript PC emulators can barely handle Windows 3.1. You'll notice that the JSLinux demo at only boots to the command prompt, it's not bringing up a KDE or GNOME desktop. The FAQ says that it might be possible to run a really old OS like MS-DOS or Windows 3.

I'd love to see someone try, but it could be a few years before any browser, running on any PC, could run a JSReactOS at a speed that would be bearable. (And that's just the OS! You'd still be limited to, as you say, basic applications that have very low system requirements.) Just imagine trying to run JSReactOS on a mobile phone! Start it up, put your phone on your night stand and let it boot overnight!
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Re: ReactOS + QEMU -> Emscripten/JS potential?

Post by karlexceed »

ReactOS in a browser sounds an awful lot like the Thorium Core project...

Or, just using a browser-based rdp or remote desktop client, but of course you need the back end machine running somewhere.

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