All what you want

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All what you want

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All what you want
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Re: All what you want

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We are not allowed to look inside it, sorry.
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Re: All what you want

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I see that the OP already has been reported, but can someone of the higher echelons plz remove this whole thread ASAP? I for one haven't forgotten how much grief the alleged disassembly of MS object code, and subsequent audit of the ROS source, has caused the project. Better be safe than sorry thus immediate action would be _the one_ sensible approach.
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Re: All what you want

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This definitely has nothing to do here.

You'd rather read our dev rules, you'd know it's strictly forbidden to use or even look at such resources.
You also get a permaban. If you want to contest it, my mail address is easy to find. Don't expect a positive answer.
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