Publicity on Websites

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Publicity on Websites

Post by Aeneas »

Hi everybody!

There are some websites which talk about OSes. It might be a good thing to keep current on them. E.g. this one: ... ng_systems

- I took the liberty to add your 0.3.16 to the timeline, hope this is fine with you.

(Generally, one hears a lot of criticism "why it takes so long", but those who finally "get it" that you are NOT yet another Linux distribution are very impressed. You already have MUCH more web presence than just a year ago, maybe that could be further expanded with 0.4.0?...)

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Re: Publicity on Websites

Post by hbelusca »

Hi, no problem :) And I see that older ReactOS versions were already present.

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Re: Publicity on Websites

Post by Pi_User5 »

Could I go and add older versions of reactos? Most are not on there like 0.3 and 0.3.1.
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