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Board was down

Post by erkinalp »

The board was down recently due to a SQL error. Does anybody know anything?
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Re: Board was down

Post by The_French_Rat »

It was down for me too. I kept getting a 404 error.

Apart from that, I don't know much else.
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Re: Board was down

Post by gonzoMD »

AFAIK our server got a BIOS and ram upgrade.

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Re: Board was down

Post by Saibamen »

From ROS-Dev:

Dear all,

As you've certainly noticed, one of our main servers providing the website along with JIRA and FishEye was down yesterday.
Problems began yesterday around 13:00 UTC and lasted till some minutes ago.

This has happened due to a severe hardware failure on the hypervisor
machine serving the affected VMs. Our hosting provider needed two
attempts to find and replace the failed hardware.
Finally, the crash has caused one database table to get corrupted. This
one was repaired just now. No data has been lost though.

All services should be up again now. If you still notice anything not
working, please report to me.
We're sorry for the caused inconveniences!

Best regards,

Colin Finck
System & Network Administrator
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Re: Board was down

Post by vicmarcal »

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Re: Board was down

Post by Jessey »

and I thought that the site was blocked for some reason, when it happened. :) :D

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