Dot Net etc.

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Dot Net etc.

Post by dgosborn2 »

I was just curious about things like Dot Net, direct X, codecs, drivers, etc.

Especially with regard to Dot Net, are we users legally clear in downloading and using MS dot net?
Is it (or your version of it) already bundled in React?
Would you be clear in bundling it or including a script to download it if you wanted to?
Do you think you might?
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Re: Dot Net etc.

Post by erkinalp »

Same with drivers. And I doubt there will be exclusive ReactOS device drivers apart from very generic VESA/VBE, SB16/AC97 and stuff
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Re: Dot Net etc.

Post by rondanyd »

Yeah with so many different components out there, having a community of developers building drivers for them will be essential. You can never have too many developers, can you?
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Re: Dot Net etc.

Post by gonzoMD »

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