China and Korean Government are shifting away from Windows

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Re: China and Korean Government are shifting away from Windo

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Jessey wrote:Realisticly Reactos could be a good tool for students to learn how and os works and how windows and such works. Also they need to here the software slavery talk. I heard it at Linux Fest Nothwest 2014. I can't remember who gave it, but he mentioned that the closed source software is the master and it controles what you can do with it and I agrea that would be a better way to reach people in asia where they pirate their software to use open source solutions like reactos.
Yes, we already try to propagate ROS in some universities and our Coordinator even uses it in his lessons in university. The idea is great, because that way we can raise our developers from zero ^^
ReactOS is still in alpha stage, meaning it is not feature-complete and is recommended only for evaluation and testing purposes
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Re: China and Korean Government are shifting away from Windo

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Does china and korea have an open source convention? If they do then I have not heard any news about it, then again there usaly is not much news of open source in those parts of the world.
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China OS arrives in October to oust Western rivals

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It seems China is developing their own OS - a non-Western one. :geek:
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