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Reset the Net

Post by laurflorin »

I guess ReactOS Team is aware of this.
But have you decided to also participate?
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Re: Reset the Net

Post by Nemerian »

june 5th.
Looks to corner of screen: june 7th.
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Re: Reset the Net

Post by gamax92 »

Did something happen june 5th? I didn't notice anything.
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Re: Reset the Net

Post by Webunny »

gamax92 wrote:Did something happen june 5th? I didn't notice anything.
Neither did I. Mustn't have been much of a buzz.

That said, I sympathise with the sentiment. The more secure, the better.
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Re: Reset the Net

Post by mrugiero »

I'm not sure if it's the same event, but IT people were planning to only run IPv6 for a day and blame it on the lack of support for the new version if anything stopped their workflow, as a way of protesting against the lack of adoption. An important clarification is that it only extends to the local machines of the ones who advocate it, and not general networks (to avoid imposing their protest on others). I kind of agree with the point, as lots of companies tend to have the awful behaviour of not solving problems until they bite them (e.g., y2k). One shouldn't wait until IPv4 really can't hold on to support IPv6. Legacy support for it makes sense, but not supporting the newer version doesn't.

EDIT: Nope, it looks it's something else.
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Re: Reset the Net

Post by Konata »

I get emails from these guys. It's not a "one day thing", it's a continuous movement that started on June 5th to spread awareness about privacy, encryption and software that doesn't spy on people. You can still join, it's hasn't ended and it's not going to.
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