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Rules Stating what tools must be used at a min by developer to prevent errors?

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Development Rules

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Work out what should be required tools for developers to use when building for reactos.

This could be.

Use of common error detection tools like and

Consideration of the use of Harding tools like Ok speed cost is always a problem with these tools. These tools do auto change code methrods could be built in.

Consideration if our system should have memory protection systems like safelib built into the kernel preventing programs from buffer overflowing.

Gcc of Mingw patched with partical addons to prevent flaws from building.

If we do this now. We can stop a lot of problems in the tracks.

We really need to have a line in the sand. If your developing or patching reactos you will scan you code with these. Any person who is not it will turn up when someone edits that section of code and scans it. Many eyes backup with computer audits.

Running a audit may find faults that have been missed.

They would could say that we have done everything to make reactos safe.

These are development rules. If developing for reactos you will check your code to the best of your abilty and with tools to pickup what you could miss. Less risk of secuirty holes if the code is audited at over kill level. There should not be any section that is missed for very long.

Release scan should be clean ie if done right no errors should be there.

If there are errors developer it should trace able. Not using the tools will become known because the developer will stuffup sooner or later with something that would have been detected with the tools.

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