Thorium (ROS distribution) on kickstarter

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Re: Thorium (ROS distribution) on kickstarter

Post by dizt3mp3r »

That last site link was my own. I did my best.

On the subject of Russian programmers - I have personal experience of their skills in the creation of 32bit Vax and 64bit Alpha emulators. These chaps are good.
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Re: Thorium (ROS distribution) on kickstarter

Post by fred02 »

AmineKhaldi wrote:As a general rule this applies everywhere. What you requested are details that fall into the responsibility of the one who considers donating. We can't be expected to know about these details because they may differ from country to country. If anyone is not sure about his/her tax system, they can go to the tax office and ask them about this.
Fair-enough, though something a little more stuffed-up, like here, wouldn't hurt. (It says about tax-dedution in the U.S. (registration country), similarly, ROS foundation can say at least about Germany).
AmineKhaldi wrote:What ReactOS Deutschland e.V. can do is provide proof in the form of a receipt that they can send to the person who donated, by snail mail.
I think the snail-mail part is important. Another important part is the document language. German I guess, but would an English one be available too, or both, like the foundation page?

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Re: Thorium (ROS distribution) on kickstarter

Post by Blutwurst »

It exist an easier way for ReactOS Deutschland e.V. Why not participate in
Benefind is like but for german speaking user. The big advantage in benefind you not need to register as user. Well I suggested it in german forum before, but no answer till now.

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Re: Thorium (ROS distribution) on kickstarter

Post by zed260 »

i think a better idea is to try and get reactos running as a server core os "running a web server and stuff is already close to what reactos is capable of today " ... 84075.aspx

this way you could run websites like on it etc and would lay the framework to build on it a desktop version at a later date

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