ROS testing on real hardware

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Re: ROS testing on real hardware

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PeterLinuxer » 01 Jun 2019 22:45
The last post to this topic was more than 5 year ago. Never resurrect old topics. You may be set out to the dog house, when EmuandCo comes around.
Is there a program running on ReactOS (or Linux) telling me about my hardware? I am willing to describe my hardware in more detail if someone names me such a program.
Puppy Linux has software that will list your computer's hardware, so other distros should also.

Please do not answer here, but start another topic if you want to continue with your discussions.
Please keep the Windows classic (9x/2000) look and feel.
The layman's guides to - debugging - bug reporting - compiling - ISO remaster.
They may help you with a problem, so do have a look at them.

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