Ionescu's talk in Montreal

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Ionescu's talk in Montreal

Post by Vulture »

As the title said, it is possible to watch somewhere the video or/and to have slides of the recent Ionescu's talk about ROS in Montreal? Thanks!
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Re: Ionescu's talk in Montreal

Post by hbelusca »

I've found this: but no video published so far...
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Re: Ionescu's talk in Montreal

Post by oldman »
This is the video for the Montreal talk, but for me there seems to be a fault, only a small window, but the sound is working.
There is not a fault, the large view is of the screen in the hall (the one the audience sees), the small view is of the front of the hall where you can see Alex doing his talk.
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Re: Ionescu's talk in Montreal

Post by chrisv5 »

I really appreciate this talk, gives better information on the state of the project than the ReactOS web site (sadly!)
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Re: Ionescu's talk in Montreal

Post by EmuandCo »

In what way? What do you want on the Website which is not there?
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Re: Ionescu's talk in Montreal

Post by chrisv5 »

Well, difficult to convey my impression... I am following the ReactOS "progress" for many, many years now, mostly as a lurker (and as a donor, I might add). While "in the past" it was fairly straight forward to get a grasp what is happening, it is getting more and more murky. The "secret" meetings and delayed/censored meeting notes are not helpful, either. Infrequent updates, and more.

I am sure, if one is to digest all information hidden somewhere thoroughly, it might be possible to get the "state of the affair". But I neither have the time nor patience for that. Hm, let me sum it this way: having regular "executive briefs" would be very helpful.

As it is now, I am not eager to donate money to this project anymore, simply due to lack of feedback and easily to obtain information. By the way, I had a good laugh when Alex mentioned releases "every two month or so" during his presentation. Hm, more like "or so" than "every two months" *lol*.

I was positively surprised to hear how far the project has gone meanwhile, very well hidden (at least in my perception) during the murky days. I have a suggestion, how to make things easier. Create a kind of chart with the various modules (and drill downs within them to a smaller level) and how many percent of that are done so far. What is being worked on, by whom, etc.

Just my 2 cents,
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Re: Ionescu's talk in Montreal

Post by PurpleGurl »

I don't see anything underhanded or secret going on. A few confidential meetings are understandable since there are financial and legal matters to consider which are not of consequence to the end users other than that the project stays viable and that all the work done up until now is not in vain. They are most likely secret to protect the viability, integrity, and security of the project. There are some sensitive issues related to things like taxes, patents, and so on, that require closed meetings.

I don't get the murky comments. ReactOS seems to be more active and progressing at a faster pace. While there might be less news on occasion, that is because the team members are busy, and the responsibility and newsletters fall upon a single person (Z98) who also has an educational, professional, and personal life outside of ReactOS. The GSOC the other year helped develop testing tools and create a momentum which I believe still exists. Changing the infrastructure and underlying software seems to have increased the capacity for productivity. The work with interchanging files seems to be very valuable for increasing the debugging speed. Even the build time tweaks helps improve the build time of the project, allowing for faster human testing and less turn around between revisions. So maybe this project can progress at breakneck speed now. We could still use more experienced coders, but I am glad we've come up with tools and ideas to help maximize who we do have.

Maybe if we can get all the kinks out of the donation system and paid projects, that would also help improve development time. There is a tale about how tips came to exist. At some place, people were upset with the slow service, and the place finally put out a collection jar with the words "To Insure Prompt Service." Other places used this approach but abbreviated it as T.I.P.S., and later just tips. That sounds a bit like an urban legend, but the principle does remain that people who feel well compensated are more likely to be productive.
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Re: Ionescu's talk in Montreal

Post by bernarddt »

chrisv5 wrote:I really appreciate this talk, gives better information on the state of the project than the ReactOS web site (sadly!)
Have to agree, this talk really helped give a nice feeling over the project.

I think the website is more like a brochure of the project. First time visitors can read up on the project details to see what it is about. But in no way is the website engaging to re-visitors. It does not give you a very good hint on where to look if you want to know "what is new... since yesterday". The only most obvious "update" section on the landing page is the "news" and that gets updated once every 6 months. So for anyone visiting the website, the first thing they will try to check out, is the news on the front page, then they will visit again, and see the same news... eventually they will think the project is not really active. (BTW. this was my impressions of the project).

After a while I thought well, they probably are on summer holiday or some sort of off-season time... then later I realised that nothing has been changing for so long, that I must be missing the party. Especially with active development.

So I started digging and I found the "daily builds". Now suddenly I could download DAILY updates. Even if there was only a small patch/update, I could feel like I'm trying something new every day. Maybe this should be promoted A LOT on the website. I know there is a button to it, but for most projects I know that the daily builds are mostly for developers. Because they all would promote it that way. But for this project it is "the place". So after I realised that, I regularly download a new revision build and try out some applications or just play arround on it.

Then there is the part of the community. I regularly browsed the forum, but found it hard to get any "recent" posts on it. I would click through the headings and after a while just gave up. I don't always have enough time to click through everything. Then I started realise that "stickies" are actually the "lightbulb" shaped icon, and I had to look past these entries to find the recent posted articles. They are not very well differenciated (some forums put them in a seperate group at the top.

But even with this in mind I didn't see the community participation that I was looking for. So finally a few days back I found that you can click on the title "General" and you get a list of all the topics under all the sub-sections, sorted by date. Then I just had to keep in mind to scroll past the huge list of stickies and then I finally could get a quick overview of all the topics under discussion, and now enjoy checking in regularly to find out what everyone is discussing, there is new replies every day!

So I still needed to know what are the developers up to, since they don't seem to be bragging a lot on the forum.... finally I remembered that "JIRA" is mentioned so many times. I tried "" and behold, I found myself on a dashboard that contained up to the second information on the most recent SVN commits, and the developer discussions on the bugs. I even submitted my own bug. And in a few hours someone picked it up and started posting bug reports and patches... not that I know what all of that mean. But I finally felt the action happening.

So after months/years of waiting for news post and a new releases, I can finally get my daily fix of ReactOS. I really would like to help newcomers get to this sections quicker. Rather than expecting them to browse to death to find each one.

EDIT: PS. Why isn't this video front page news? According to me this is a very valuable asset to the project and should be showcased.
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Re: Ionescu's talk in Montreal

Post by chrisv5 »

Thank you for expressing the issue much better than I could! I fully agree. Let me sum it up this way:

Interested people should not be forced to dig deep in order to get an overview of the work's progress. And no, this is not a complaint, but an advice. It is part of marketing. Believe it or not, you have a product which you want to "sell" (attract contributors, collect donations).
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Re: Ionescu's talk in Montreal

Post by middings »

Slashdot took notice of Alex Ionescu's Montreal talk.
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