The 10 ROS Commandments ;-)

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The 10 ROS Commandments ;-)

Post by ThePhysicist »

1.) I am ReactOS thy OS, which has brought thee out of the land of expensive software, out of the house of MS.
Thou shalt have as many other OSes as you like.

2.) Thou shalt make any icons, themes, and other designs that are useful and give them to the community for free as much as you like. Thou shalt bow down thyself to the developers, and help them: for I, ReactOS thy OS am a free OS, rewarding the bravery of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that tested my pre-alpha versions. And shewing security and bugfreeness unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandprompt.

3.) Thou shalt take the name of ReactOS thy OS to the public; for the OS will hold him bugless that taketh his name to the public.

4.) Remember the day, you first installed ReactOS, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou write software, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the newsletter day of ReactOS thy OS: in it thou shalt read the newsletter, thou, and thy son, and thy daughter, thy manservant, and thy maidservant, and thy cat and dog, and the stranger that does not like Bill Gates: For in six days the developers commit implementations and bugfixes, enhance the kernel, and all that is in it, and sometimes don't even rest the seventh day: wherefore ReactOS created the newsletter and made it public.

5.) Honour my developers and my janitors: that thy sessions may be long upon the desktop which ReactOS thy OS giveth thee.

6.) Thou shalt not kill the system process.

7.) Thou shalt not commit buggy code.

8.) Thou shalt not steal software, just use OpenSourceSoftware.

9.) Thou shalt not bear up against thy buggy windows.

10.) Thou shalt not covet thy other OS's desktop themes, thou shalt not covet thy other OS's filesystem, nor its webbrowser, nor its mail client, nor its DirectX, nor its assistants, nor any thing that is thy other OS's.

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Post by cmoibenlepro »


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Super nice!

Post by Jaix »

Wow, some brain gymnastics there I think, very entertaining!
Actually I think this thread suits well in the general discussion. 8)
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Post by steveh »

Excellent commandments.
That hit's the nail on top!

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Post by MadRat »

You really broke the audit-wait monotony with that one.
Go Huskers!

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Post by wesley »

Now I know I came to the right place. :)

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Post by Jaix »

wesley wrote:Now I know I came to the right place. :)
Welcome to ReactOS! and yes you have come to the right place.
One question: "wesley" as relative to John?

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Post by geertvdijk »

I am using Windows right now... shall I punish myself toy not eating a cookie tonight? omg lOl nice ROS commandments tho :P

lol i wrote this by hand with the vista tablet pc thingy using my graphical pencil and I love it... ROS needs handwriting recognition as well :P there's another long-term goal :P

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Post by wesley »

Re: wesley as related to john?

Answer: Huh? :)

Geert: ok then, I am writing tbis on my Tosh R-15 tablet back to you! :)

Yes, it would be wonderful to have tablet functionality on ROS.

Please see my post in Support...I'm new, don't pick on me. Maybe you can help me?


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