Some test results

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Some test results

Post by jeremyk »

not sure where I should put this info and what format it should be in or even how much data is really usful but here it goes.

verstion bootcd-59205-rel
virtualbox-4.2.12 r84980
(set as win2003, base memory 1024MB, video ram 18)
ubuntu 13.04
Asus g75vw

steps taken
install with all defualt vaules
install firefox 3 from the reactos app
update firefox to newst one - worked perfectly
install java7.21 update - installed, when ran in cmd it gets a fatal error
tryed installing newst flash player- bluescreens 0x000001E(0xc0000005, 0xF77F9A94, 0xF729F984, 0x0000000)
tcpip.sys - Address F77F9A94 base at F77F6000, DateStamp 51b86e7b
another bsod
0x000001E(0xc0000005, 0xF772B690, 0xF701D69C, 0x0000000)
win32k.sys - Address F772B690 base at F76F6000, DateStamp 51b86e81

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Re: Some test results

Post by timmay2019 »

I suggest putting this in Jira That's where most test and issues go.

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Re: Some test results

Post by milon »

jeremyk, if you're using VirtualBox then you can get debug logs for crashes. Look here. Then, like timmay2019 said, go to the JIRA Bugtracker (the link is at the top), and see if there's an existing issue. We know that both flash & Java have had several issues, so you'll need to search around and see if you've found a new issue. Put your debug logs in JIRA and it'll get fixed eventually. Thanks for testing & reporting! :)

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Re: Some test results

Post by Black_Fox »

milon wrote:jeremyk, if you're using VirtualBox then you can get debug logs for crashes. Look here.
I was going to post that link, but there's no Putty on Ubuntu.

I may try to create a Linux-oriented tutorial, but can't promise anything.

EDIT: There already is a tutorial for Linux on wiki :)

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