What do we expect from ROS?

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Re: What do we expect from ROS?

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It's just my second post here, but I'll join in.

I expect ReactOS to be to Windows, what Linux is to UNIX!

That about sums it up. But about those specific questions:

Would you erase MS WIndows preinstalled on your new PC and install ROS?

Stability and full binary compatibility ensured, yes, I would.

Do you expect ROS to be faster, more reliable, more secure than MS Windows?

Frankly, no. It should be about as reliable and secure as any NT5 based MS OS. I had some running for 2 years straight. So yeah. Not that bad. Most crashes are because of a users mistake or poorly chosen software / kernel drivers anyway. If it can be say equal to WinXP, I'm TOTALLY satisfied!

Do you want ROS be backward compatible with older MS Windows (starting from W2K)?

Absolutely, yes. This is an extremely important point. Microsoft forces us to newer (imho) crappy UIs and usability concepts by luring us in with stuff like Direct3D 10/11. If I can run ancient software AND have D3D11, well, it's a no-brainer really.

Do you expect ROS UI to change periodically to reflect changes in MS Windows?

No. Or let me put it that way: The current UI is Win2000 style. Which i LOVE. I am currently running Windows XP x64 Edition as my main workstation OS, in Win2000 style. So I would expect ROS to keep that UI. If developers are going to bring change (say, in the form of a Metro-style UI), it should be optional. Maybe ROS would come with it as its default, but I want the option to just click a few buttons, and boom, I'm back to the Win2000 style UI. That's what I'd love. New, modern core, old-fashioned UI.

Do you expect ROS to require security updates on a regular basis?

Operating systems are extremely complex, right? Other than OpenVMS, it seems no system is totally secure. So if there are loopholes and exploits then yes, I'd expect them to be fixed. So I expect ROS to require that, because all operating systems do. Question is if you can fix everything up fast or not. It could be tons of work.. Should only be an issue if ROS gets more widespread than now.

Do you expect ROS in some respects differ from MS Windows?

Why not. In some areas it may make sense. Just look at that software package manager. That's intelligent. Makes sense. Makes some things easier. Why not take some good things from the UNIX-style world and bolt them onto ReactOS? As long as I'm not forced either way, I'm all for it, just: Keep it optional!

So, what do we really expect ROS to be when done?

I will repeat myself here (even though this is not a very "clear" statement): I expect ROS to be to Windows, what Linux is to UNIX.

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Re: What do we expect from ROS?

Post by turtleman »

GrandAdmiralThrawn wrote:I expect ReactOS to be to Windows, what Linux is to UNIX!
There is already a bit of a problem with this. The Linux kernel was never meant to be binary compatible with UNIX, for example, BSD uses an emulator to run Linux binaries. Programs are being ported to Hurd, MINIX, and so on. ReactOS has quite a different goal, and looking to Linux can potentially make it stray from that goal.

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